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Backzipack: the backpack with the zip at the back!


How the idea was born... 

Last year, my family and I went on a trip to Europe. I always travel with a backpack. This time, I noticed there were signs warning tourists of pickpockets.

There was always a crowd everywhere we went. Therefore, I ended up wearing my backpack over my chest most of the trip, and when we sat, I felt most comfortable when it was on my lap.

There should be a better way to enjoy my trip, feeling safe, comfortable and at the same time, not forced to use locks or always keep an eye out on my things in fear of theft.

When I couldn’t find anything that worked for me... I decided to design my own solution.

Hope that you like and enjoy it!


  • Kevlar internal protection to prevent penetration of knives and other sharp objects, to help keep thieves out from your belongings.
  • Internal pocket with RFID electronic protection against identity and credit card theft.
  • Size accepted by airlines as a carry on 
  • If you do not have the backpack on your back, you can use the straps arms to "hug" a table or chair, so you can enjoy what you're doing: eating, waiting for the plane, train, etc.

The reasons that made me create this backpack:

  • When you travel, wherever you go, any city in the world, you do not have to worry if someone is going to steal what you bring, just enjoy your trip!  
  • Use it as the perfect Weekender bag or use it on the next shopping trip.
  • The perfect size of a backpack which you can carry on enough for a weekend, or to be able to keep all the shopping in one place.
  • Ideal for backpackers
  • The perfect combination of a backpack and a carry on. You see a lot of people at airports using these two items; instead use the backzipack. 
  • They (thieves and pickpockets) can try to steal your goods wherever: a store, the subway, on the street, no matter if there are many people around you or not. 
  • You do not have eyes in the back, so you’re unaware if thieves are prowling behind you.
  • The backpacks are designed to wear on the back, not the front. 
  • Designed to travel, having the boarding pass, passport, and other documents and even money always at hand, but also safe.
  • Waterproof Anti-theft without using any lock
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