Backdrop - behind the curtain
Backdrop - behind the curtain


This project was born out of a vision - or rather a dream - we had. An RPG that was about dramatic actions, where talking did not mean just clicking multiple choice dialogues and where the magic of the hero's journey was more than a simple plot structure. We have over time picked it up and worked on it, then had to lay it down again. Now we want to make the dream become reality and ask for your help to do it!

In Backdrop, all the world's a stage in every sense of the word. Make your saga a fairy tale or a nightmare...or both. Featuring a wealth of original and unique gameplay concepts in a beautifully crafted setting Backdrop is unlike any RPGor adventure you have played before.

Help create this unique RPG experience!


There are so many new ideas in the game, that it is hard to boil them down to one short description, but here is the overview of what we think are the most exciting ones!

The story starts deceptively familiar: Once upon a time a young Prince and his beloved Princess are set to marry. But right before the altar, she is abducted by demons in league with an envious neighbouring lord. Now our Prince was supposed to play his part in the unfolding familiar tale, but filled with rage he instead denounces the deities that rule the world and doled out his cruel fate. Devastated but defiant, he embarks on a journey to win back his beloved and finally free himself from the destiny the gods have ordained.



In Backdrop, environment and characters are made out of paper, cloth, wood and other materials exactly like props in a theatre. Apart from giving the game that great and unique look, the physics of the world thus follow unusual rules: You can slash holes in the background, blow away your enemies with a gust of wind or be burnt to cinders by a candle toppled over during a heated fight. Finding ways to use the environment to the best possible effect is very important in our game.



In plays emotions are big, drama lurks in every corner and words can speak louder than actions. Much more consequential than a few multiple choice dialogues, in Backdrop words can literally hurt or heal, move mountains and open doors. Words are a very real thing in this world and their power is boundless. So own your words!

Combat is of course not done with words only - swordplay and action-filled fights are an important part of the game. Your thrusts and manoeuvres will be different for each weapon, from a succession of lightning-fast stabs with the dagger to a fatal swing with the massive pole axe (if your mask's personality can wield it).



Instead of picking a fixed class, your hero will don character masks, each one changing his abilities and personality into larger than life characters, from the stern but noble knight to the mischievous but charming trickster. Explore a mask's powers as you make your way through the world. Let go of that narrow definition of self and find your multiple personas.




In a world of fiction, good and evil both have to play their part. Of all the inhabitants of Backdrop, only the player can pick a role at will, be it the shining prince or malevolent villain. This gives him or her the power to harness the energy of good or evil and create powerful effects from both. How you behave will define which powers you can use, opening a multitude of meaningful choices with real gameplay consequences. The most interesting part in a drama is usually the villain, we have heard...



A play is all about conjuring emotions and in Backdrop emotions manifest in the world, allowing the hero to use emotional moments and memories almost like magical spells. The tears of a Mermaid may be used to soften the most ardent warrior, a pearl made out of the light of happy memory can cast away shadow creatures, while witnessing the strange revelry of a goblin wake allows you to employ the Dance Macabre, forcing that horde of enemies about to overwhelm you to instead dance a merry jig.



In Backdrop the hero’s progress is not simulated by abstract XP and you don’t gain experience by simply slashing away at monsters. Instead your progression is an inward and outward one, as you follow the steps of the hero’s journey and grow by the transformational power of your experiences. Your progress becomes meaningful beyond mere power and strongly tied to the advancement of the story in your very own hero’s journey.


This is an overview of the nifty things you can get for supporting our project (on top of the warm feeling you get for helping to bring this unique game to life).













While the budget we ask for will allow us to create the core game and two realms, there are so many more ideas and stories in our designs that we would love to expand the game further. So here are our stretch goals! They come in blocks of three and every block completed will add something extra to the game!


Our team is comprised of development veterans and talented young creators alike, united by our passion to bring something new and precious into the gaming world.

Franz Stradal has been doing games for almost three decades, working on over 100 titles in that time and being one of the most prolific designers in the industry. He was the creator of Demonworld and Sacred and worked for several global game companies since then, doing everything from MMOs to mobile games. The original design and concept are his and he continues to inspire the team with his insights and skill.

Thomas Kronenberg is an accomplished artist and designer and his company Intulo has been working on over 40 games in their 20 years in the industry. His credits include Sacred, Neocron, The Dwarves and a wealth of story based games. His has a rare gift for style and lighting and is responsible for bringing the world of Backdrop to live!

Seçkin Ölmez joined the crew after successfully releasing his first adventure game Heaven's Hope. He has a knack for storytelling games and the technical prowess to make them work. Doing Backdrop with his team  is the next challenge level and he eagerly accepted it!

Jan Wagner has learned a lot about how difficult kickstarters can be since he launched his first one for Shadowrun Chronicles. His 25 years in the industry had him drift from Producer to Creative Director and Designer and he has worked for companies such as Blizzard and Sierra. Backdrop is close to his heart and he is brimming with design ideas for it, that want to see the light of day.



Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow

A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more:
'it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Macbeth, Act V, Scene 5




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