Baby Du - Caution! Only for Cool Babies!
Baby Du - Caution! Only for Cool Babies!

This project has already launched.

Founder of Duodu London, Danny Duod was inspired by fans of his adult t-shirt brand to design a stylish urban line of baby clothes. Baby Du was born out of the question “Why can’t baby’s du it to?”    

Danny was inundated with parents wanting to see their children representing the same cool clothes that they wear. Tired of the conventional baby pinks and blues, they were struggling to find cool gender neutral colours and designs. Baby Du offers style savvy parents with a line of unique fresh clothing. Whether you are shopping for baby clothes with urban style or simply a high-quality garment, Baby Du is a clothing line that makes baby and parents feel good.

Baby Du features fun, carefully selected, hand drawn designs inspired by different facets of urban culture such as street wear, street art and tattoo motifs. All garments take into consideration the sensitivity of babies’ skin as well as the demands of their active lifestyle. Baby Du is a departure from the boring offerings of conventional department stores.  

Urban art is often about making a statement and uplifting people. Baby Du allows families to start cultivating a creative style early.


With this Kickstarter campaign, we are turning to you, for help raising £15,000. This start-up capital will cover the costs of manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the initial run of Baby Du clothing.  

Danny Duod is a fashion visionary, and he is ready to take this industry by storm. All we need to do is pull together the funds needed to launch and as a sign of our gratitude we will reward all our contributors with garments from our unique design collection.


Beyond making a contribution, you can help us by sharing our campaign with all your friends and family, especially those friends and family who are parents themselves. The more we can get the word out prior to launching our business, the smoother those first months will go. We appreciate all your support, and we thank you for your time.





Our garments take into consideration sensitivity of baby’s skin offering 100% GOTS® Certified Organic Combed Cotton (except grey which is offered in fairtrade supersoft cotton) and printed with eco-friendly permaprint water-based inks that contains no white spirits at all. 

Why use water based inks? Most commercial screen printers print garments using plastisol inks, which are easy to use and last well. However, plastisol inks contain PVC and phthalates that are harmful to the environment and have been linked to numerous medical disorders. Plastisol inks also require the use of harmful solvents in the cleaning process. Water based inks do not contain PVC or phthalates, making it totally safe for babies.














At the end of the campaign all backers will receive a survey to indicate the size, design, print colour, garment colour and style you would like for your little ones, plus the shipping address. All orders will be fulfilled by March 2017. Please share the Baby Du Kickstarter Campaign with friends and family on social media and let’s Baby Du It Together!






Risks and challenges

As with any new fashion business, there is the risk of failing to connect with customers. We have conducted extensive research, however, and we are sure that there is a market out there for our products. Aided by our marketing professionals, Baby Du will make a fast and noticeable splash. We believe that we are prepared to compete at the high level a venture such as this one requires.

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