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AXbean QuikBots

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A software program that quickly educates users on how to
easily master Microsoft Office’s Excel program

Our goal with AXbean QuikBots was to do the impossible: turn MS Excel, the most complicated popular software in the world, into the simplest and most user-friendly software ever.

That meant reimagining every feature to make it not only faster to learn and to get projects done, but also better. The result is more than just a new tool. It's the future of Select, Click, and Done.

We have taken over 25 of the most popular and most used features in Excel, and reduced them to one ribbon, all one click away. Our Select, Click, and Done system lets you get your work done without a lot of clicking around and trying to remember where that command was that you used last week.

And now Excel is even more capable. And so are you.

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