Awkward Guests - Mystery and deduction boardgame
Awkward Guests - Mystery and deduction boardgame



Mystery awaits inside...
Mystery awaits inside...

Tonight, your criminal investigation colleagues and you have received a call to go urgently to Walton Mansion. There, the housekeeper announces the reason for the meeting: Mr. Walton has appeared dead in his study! 

That’s the letter found on his desk…

Your mission: find his murderer! 

Awkward Guests is an innovative card game of mystery and deduction in which every play recreates differently the night Mr. Walton was murdered. There are 3600 different solutions presented in millions of mysteries, so you won’t play two similar games! 

In addition, its Brilliant Deck System will make you feel involved in the investigation, allowing you to use real deduction to resolve the case.

To find out the solution, you will have to interrogate suspects, ask the service staff, examine the crime scene, look for clues in the Walton Mansion, consult the police reports… You will do everything while you exchange or hide information from your opponents.

Get ready to use all your deductive skills!

Will you be the first resolving the mystery?


Each Awkward Guests’ card contains a piece of information that can help you to resolve Mr. Walton’s murder: statements of the suspects, alibis, police reports, forensic findings and much more.

The game set up is what makes Awkward Guests different. Each play is pregenerated and it is defined by a set of cards that are taken among those that the game is comprised of, without looking to their faces. None of the players will know any information about the crime before the game begins!

All of you play as investigators!

A mystery ready to be solved
A mystery ready to be solved

According to this set up method, the information in every single card of the built deck is fully consistent with the rest of it. The information contained in the cards of the built deck explains the mystery in a unique way and beyond any doubt, who killed Mr. Walton, why that person did that and which weapon he or she used. 

For example: if in a certain play one suspect is innocent, the set up “takes care” of including cards to dismiss all his or her motives to kill Mr. Walton

We have called this set up Brilliant Deck System.

Consequently, to find out the murderer, his or her motive and the crime weapon, it is not enough to cross options out but you will have to draw conclusions from the information given by the cards you see during the game. 

Another example: you can conclude that a suspect is innocent if the police dismiss all his or her motives, but also if he or she couldn’t reach the crime scene (and there are even more ways!).

 download Awkward Guests' rulebook

If you have any question or there is something not explained properly in the rulebook, don't hesitate to contact us here and tell about it. We will really appreciate your colaboration!

Brilliant Deck System has another main feature: it provides the games infinite replayabilityAwkward Guests has 3,600 solutions but each of them can be presented in thousands of different games; there are millions of combinations.

For example: Angelica Albinson, her motive “Extreme views” and the pesticide may be the answer to an “Initiation” mystery but to a “Very hard” as well. Obviously, in the first case it will be much easier to find it.

Awkward Guests’ rulebook will include a selection of 30 mysteries with different levels of difficulty but we will provide periodically many more in for you to download them without any additional cost.

You won’t ever run out of mysteries to solve!




No, it isn’t at all. Awkward Guests doesn’t require complex logic because the deductive reasonings used are simple, intuitive and accessible for all

Once again, let’s see it with an example:

In addition, Awkward Guests' mysteries are classifien into 5 levels of difficulty on a scale from "Initiation" to "Very Difficult". Players will always find a game suitable for them.

Awkward Guests’ mechanichs are quite simple, check them in this video:

download Awkward Guests' rulebook 



Awkward Guests' plays are very fluid and intense. There is not downtime for the players as they are participating in every single moment, even during the other's turn, asking for or providing information to exchange. As the investigators discover little by little what happened in the Walton Mansion, the interest increases during the game until the grand finale of the resolution is reached.


Would you like to give Awkward Guests a try? You can download a print&play "Initiation" mystery from here.

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“Awkward Secrets” is a complement book for “Awkward Guests” only for our backers.

It contains 32 exclusive mysteries with extended resolutions, background story, and important tips that smart investigators will surely take advantage of.

But there is even more, “Awkward Secrets” is also an art book that shows the creative process behind the game’s imaginary: sketches, ideas, discarded drawings, anecdotes and curiosities that explains why everything is like you see it.





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Riesgos y desafíos

Awkward Guests is Megacorpin Games’ first creation. We are an indie game design studio focused on developing different games for new play experiences. Our goal is to show the world our game and to continue developing more based on our Brilliant Deck System (or not ;P).

We launched a crowdfunding campaign before this one and we managed to deliver our game to all of our backers on time. According to our experience we have planned a reasonable deadline, considering all the delays we could come across.

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