Awesome eco-friendly bamboo cars
Awesome eco-friendly bamboo cars

This project has already launched.

Cars are an integral part of childhood play for most kids as they inspire motion and imagination.

As designers and parents of two young boys, we wanted to design and create toys that are eco-friendly, durable and beautiful. Drawing on our experience on working with bamboo we wanted to create products that were influenced by the beauty of natural materials and the joy of hand-crafting. This resulted in 'Made of Bamboo', a new venture featuring beautiful, handcrafted and eco-friendly products. 

Combining the minimalist and contemporary design principles with the beauty of bamboo we created a series of toy cars that are natural, beautiful and sustainable.

These cars are hand crafted using eco-friendly materials with minimal industrial processing. Everything used is the product is biodegradable ensuring the toy does not contribute to landfill at the end of life and can be fully composted.



We are launching the Kickstarter campaign with 4 car designs. If the campaign in successful, we have many other design ideas that can be explored. 

These launch model designs are developed and refined over the last 2 years. We created various prototypes and tested them in order to ensure that the final products are robust and durable. Our kids and their friends have played with these cars and they absolutely love them.


The Sportster is inspired from the classic sports cars of the mid-twentieth century. Classic sports cars were something out of this world - you know it when you see one. A car with two seats, compact frame and sleek styling, they are the most iconic, famous and desired vehicles. 



The Vintage reflects the simplicity and elegance of the early twentieth century cars from the Vintage Era. Although quite minimalist, they have a charm of their own and are one of the most legendary cars that pioneered the automobile revolution. 


F1 Racer

As the name suggests the F1 Racer is inspired from the Formula 1 racing cars. Synonymous with speed the Formula 1 cars are aerodynamic, super fast and have low centre of gravity. 



The Dragster is inspired from the top fuel drag racing cars. Dragsters are among the quickest, accelerating racing vehicles in the world and the fastest sanctioned category of drag racers. 




Our cars are made from eco-friendly and natural materials including bamboo, lead free eco paint and natural bees wax finish. The design uses the natural hollow cylindrical form of bamboo and is made with minimal industrial processing making it highly sustainable. 

Hand crafted

Our cars are hand crafted and hand painted using carefully selected natural and non-toxic materials. Each and every component, its manufacturing and assembling technique is carefully selected in order to ensure high quality finish. 


Ergonomic design

The circular shape of bamboo is perfect for kids to hold and play. The cars use approximately 5cm diameter bamboo pieces and are approximately 20cm long making it ideal to hold and play. 



Natural material and finishes combined with the lightweight hollow form of bamboo make the cars completely safe for kids. All the sharp edges have been chamfered and the cars sanded to a silky smooth finish. 

Inspires imagination

We have deliberately kept the design minimalistic to capture the essence of the car shape and promoting kids imagination. Furthermore the kids can paint and decorate the cars with their own stripes, numbers and decals or add their own drivers. 




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