"Awake: The Entering" Full Length Action Feature

This project has already launched.

I realized I could make a movie.

Not thinking it will be the best movie ever, but have you heard of "The Sugarland Express"? That was Steven Spielberg's first movie. I have never heard of it & I'm sure it isn't his best film, BUT it did shape him as a filmmaker & push him forward in learning & in gaining momentum.



The funds for this project will be used for equipment almost entirely.

If we go above our goal we will be able to give a bit to our volunteers too! & put some back in for the second movie!

Doing a bulk of the work with a very small group of people who just want to do fun stuff really helps keep funds low too. 


By trade I am a professional videographer & have had the idea & curiosity to make a movie for a while. Now, while I am keeping my expectations at bay, I am excited to be in a place where I am actually making a movie. I saw I had the free time along with work & thought that it would be silly to waste all this free time on other mindless things!

BTW- I would love to tell you more about myself & the movie if you are interested. Email me at moviesminus@gmail.com

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