Automated Books, LLC Presents: Multiplicity, Google Play App
Automated Books, LLC Presents: Multiplicity, Google Play App

This project has already launched.

Automated Books, LLC is raising funds to maintain its premier Google Play app, Multiplicity. The app allows users to rewrite old books based on their own sentences. Multiplicity is a creative tool that is meant to inspire the stimulation of new perspectives. Maybe users can create better stories!

Try Multiplicity now!

Risks and challenges

Many eBook formats and readers exist already. But none of them are very interactive, especially to the degree that Multiplicity is. So the most difficult thing will be winning the attention of potential users who are already engaged and committed to a different eReader or eBook creator. That is why users can work with the app's premier title for free.

Classics aren't considered to be accessible. But what if there was a new way of engaging with them? A user can apply their own meaning to a text that they're working with, and this will improve the user's reading skills.

Nonfiction is a domain that Multiplicity isn't meant to touch. Why try to rewrite history? Instead, it is focused on making its mark in the creative realm of prose, and perhaps someday, poetry. Automated Books is eager to hear from users what new features they would like to use.

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