Robotic Spin Mop and Polisher
Robotic Spin Mop and Polisher

The Powerful Robot That Loves to Do the Housecleaning for You!

How would you like to return home after a long day at work and find it immaculate clean? Or how about letting your kid or pet play carefree in the house, without worrying about them making a mess?

Sounds impossible? Well, not anymore.

Designed to exceed the expectations of every struggling housewife, this efficient robot promises to keep your house floor flawless, every time. And the best part? You won’t even break a sweat!

One Touch Operation for Ease of Use

Extremely easy to operate, simply at the touch of a button and a remote controller, this device is wireless, eliminating all the hassle and mess of tangling cables in the house.


Powerful Dual-Spin Mop Cleaner

Featuring a powerful, built-in motor (5700RPM) and a unique, rotating, dual-spin mop, EVERYBOT is able to completely remove even the finest dust and leave your floors sparkling clean! Thanks to its compact design, EVERYBOT can easily reach areas of your home that you might overlook, like underneath beds and couches, where dust likes to nest.


Wet Mop Cleaning with an Auto Water Supply System

Packed with 2 water tanks and a convenient auto water supply system, EVERYBOT can easily clean your floor using the wet mops, thus saving you from the hassle of refilling the water tank every once in a while.

Patented Microfiber Mop

The soft, microfiber mops make cleaning scratch-free and ensure your precious hardwood floors stay perfectly safe from nasty marks.


7 Cleaning Modes for Different Floor Conditions

EVERYBOT RS500 allows you to select the cleaning mode that you prefer so you can optimize your cleaning experience. Choose among 7 different modes.



Handy Cleaning Mode

Users can clean directly to hold the handle of the main unit, so its good to clean desks, tables, glass floors and glass windows, all of which are difficult to clean.


Smart Sensor System for Safety

EVERYBOT has been thoughtfully designed to provide safe and efficient cleaning around the house. Equipped with smart sensors that can detect obstacles and avoid falls, this smart robot will stay away from cliffs and corners.

Detecting obstacles by sensor technology

  • Appplied 4pcs of semi-permanent photo interrupt sensor in the front and rear side to improve obstacles avoidance capability
  • The photo interrupt sensor can operate more than 100,000 and uses the high durable non-contact method

Detecting Cliffs or Stairs

  • Appling the PSD sensors to upgrade the detection performance comparing to the IR sensors
  • This solution provide the cleaner to detect the black or mirror floors. This technology improved the floor detection performance
  • OMRON PSD sensors are applied

Never Lose Your EVERYBOT Around the House

A special luminance sensor enables EVERYBOT to move to a bright place after cleaning, so that you can easily find it once the job is finished.

Conquered the world with the wet mop cleaning robot, Everybot CEO Woochul Chung, “we made it solely practical”

Everybot, founded in January 2015 by Woochul Chung the CEO, developed the 1stgeneration personal service robot. Chung is the expert of the expert now that he has been in the robot cleaner industry for 12 years. Chung started off as a development manager at a robot company but since the company was experiencing a financial downfall, he had to stand alone. Everybot consists mostly of the employees from the experts at the previous company, and Chung is actively growing the company. We heard more from Woochul Chung, CEO, who made people around the world fall in love with the unique peanut shaped machine with outstanding technology and reasonable price, about his inspiration for starting the business, his business philosophy, and more.

The birth of “Everybot” from the conceptual shift.

“I have been developing the robot, and the consumers were very interested in the first generation everyday use robot. However, the reality of the robot cleaners was that they could not properly clean because there were obstacles in the way and the consumers were dissatisfied about the high price. After asking a 3rd party to research what the consumers want, we found out that the answers were “cheap price” and “mop cleaning”. The normal vacuum cleaners are not hard to use, but just gets lazy to do it. However, mopping requires strength so the consumers constantly found it needy. So I thought of making a robot cleaner that could mop.”

Of the former robot cleaners, there have been ones that also had the mopping feature. Because they only rely on their weight, they lacked strength like a child would mop. While Chung pondered about how to make it cheaper and still effectively clean, he thought of the car’s alignment, which measures the suspension and caster angles in the front of the car. Chung said, “the car wheels look like they are straight from the naked eye but they have intricate angles within that we cannot see. In order to make the circular mop rotating panel to rotate in a stationary position, it becomes harder to move around but changing angles to this allows for it to move forward. Our product cleans while rotating but also is made to move and work only with the rotating panel and the mop so that we could reduce the unit cost. Therefore, we produced a product, “Everybot,” that meets the practical needs.”

Attract the consumers with a unique identity.

Chung believes that the most important aspect in dominating over the market are unique product and idea, and he said, “the funny thing is that there are globally large-scale companies in the home electronics market but the middle and small sized companies tend to outstand them. This is because they begin with a unique idea and they are able to dominate the market. Also, I think that the design is as important as the technique in making a product. A lot of the products that the middle and small sized companies produce lack in the design aspect. We focus a lot on making the product design, catalog, and web skills all match in style and unique.” He also emphasized that he wants to grow the company and at the same time make everyone around the world think of “Everybot” for the personal service robot by using the B2B (Business to Business) method along with foreign companies to make more profit and provide techniques.

3 conditions to success: challenge, overcome, accomplishment

When Chung was young, he thought “how do people succeed?” and tried to look for the methods to success. The answer was pretty simple. It was “challenge.” He said that he needs to challenge himself because if he doesn’t do anything, nothing happens. Also, he believes that a strong will to “overcome” the obstacles is necessary after challenging himself and when various techniques harmoniously come together, he is able to “accomplish” something. So he highlighted those three words, challenge, overcome, and accomplishment. “We can’t live all our lives by just working and we need to enjoy our lives. We need to work hard and be competent in the social role outside and at home, we need to be great in taking part as the head of the family and a parent, spending good times with the kids.”

I wish the best for Everybot to be the world’s “Everybot” through Woochul Chung’s, CEO, endless challenges and passion for the better quality of life.


Support This Project and Help Make the Lives of Millions of Housewives Easier!

After thorough designing and meticulous patenting, EVERYBOT RS500 is ready to hit the market.

To make this possible, though, we kindly request your precious support. With an estimated, flexible funding goal of $10,000, we are in need of your precious support. Support, invest or help spread the word, so that we can make this awesome product available to everyone.

With every donation, you will be helping people:

  • Establish a completely hassle-free floor cleaning routine
  • Save money on expensive household detergents and cleaning tools
  • Have more free time to spend with their families


The Choice Is Yours. Invest, Support and Help Make EVERYROBOT Available to Everyone Today!

Don’t Forget: There are more ways you can help. Remember to use the Indiegogo tools and spread the word – your help is deeply appreciated.



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