Our popular culture reinforces the idea that healthy eating is difficult to maintain or even pin point. We're out to change that fallacious idea one “Raw Food Living Magazine” at a time! It is no surprise that health foods are on the rise and specifically raw, vegan diets. But this idea of eating nutrient rich foods in order to feel good, reverse illness and live longer is no longer a fad. Many are currently enjoying the benefits of sustainable, eco friendly diets. The only difficulty with change is learning how to maintain those changes. That is where we felt the need to create Australian “Raw Food Living Magazine.”

This is a magazine dedicated to helping raw foodists, vegans and health foodies alike. In our magazine a reader can find recipes, tips, restaurant guides and anything he or she needs to stay committed to this positive change, we will even have articles from recognized experts in this field, and people just like you who are living the life, which in turn helps you every step of the way.

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More about the Project

The majority of raw food companies have experienced triple-figure growth over the past two years – this fact prompted us to dig deeper into a resource for people to navigate through this plethora of booming business. It also gave us a feeling of security in our choice to grow the magazine. We know there is a demand. This is not a coincidence that this once “Fad Diet” is now a staple nutritional regimen, the benefits are so tremendous that our readers who have been eating raw will never go back. So, this is where we started to envision an Australian based “Raw Food Living Magazine” and all the possible benefits:

  • Guide people to raw food sources for common ailments, there are many unknown raw food antidotes that can help people feel better and hurt less
  • Help people understand the diet and why the body craves these nutrient rich choices
  • Show people how fun and flavorful raw food can be
  • We are also answering your tough questions: How do we become more sustainable? How can we stop and reverse the effects of food on our environment? What foods are needed to fuel our development?
  • Stop cruelty to animals and harming our environment

Our magazine’s goal is not only to promote the nutrition based diet but to facilitate it, for those who are tempted to try, to those who are already enjoying the benefits, to those who care so much for our planet that they know: no other way will suffice.

So from a vision we moved to conception when we were the first nationally distributed magazine in Australia to start speaking exclusively about raw food and the benefits to our health and for providing a sustainable future. This was an important part of creating awareness amongst our readers, which was the core philosophy of Veritas Magazine. (The magazine we debuted in)

We’ve been delighted to watch the evolution of the raw food industry in Australia, and so much has happened since our first edition. The raw food market has exploded, and is now ripe for a magazine that speaks directly to all the people who are current raw food enthusiasts, and the many more who are starting to explore the benefits of this industry.

So after many months of extensive research and development we are thrilled to announce Australian Raw Food Living Magazine!

We feel our previous experience and success make us incredibly qualified to succeed. This paired with attention to detail and quality content will make us the leader in the industry.

About Us

Australian Raw Food Living Magazine Inc. is a company passionate about creating a great resource for those looking to enhance, navigate or begin their raw food diet in a medium that is accessible and affordable. More times than not when companies’ design new content they contain preliminary flaws, but our goal is to stay dedicated to quality information because we know your health is essential! We have developed a unique program that is second to none. We want to support those wanting to see the benefits in this lifestyle. Not only that, but our content will be jam packed with quality resources to further reader knowledge. Help us make this magazine a reality and let’s change the way we look at food and its impact on our health!

Early Testimonials

‘We are extremely excited about the launch of Raw magazine, and we truly believe it is going to help transform the health and lives of thousands of Australians with the incredible content each edition will contain.’
- Matt and Tegan, Green Warriors

‘I’m so excited there is finally a magazine dedicated to Raw food. I can’t wait to get creative in the kitchen with new REAL FOOD recipes, yum.’
- Erica Morris

Did you know?

  • Supermarkets are now jumping on board across Australia and providing a range of organic wholefoods to their health conscious shoppers
  • Farmers’ Markets are on the rise Australia wide.
  • Raw food cafes and restaurants are also on the rise with raw food establishments opening across Australia

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*Recipe images by Vegie Girl

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