Aurora: The lost medallion episode I
Aurora: The lost medallion episode I

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Aurora: The Lost Medallion is a classic, 2D, point & click adventure game, about an alien girl and her quest to find her purpose in life. The game blends sci-fi and fantasy, comedy and drama as well as old-school and modern game design, to provide a brain-teasing and heart-warming experience for players of all ages and tastes. This is the first part of Aurora's journey. There will be 3 more episodes after this, to conclude this epic quadrillogy. We aim to release for PC & MAC, but for extra platforms we will need additional funding.

Our story takes place in the Trappist-1 solar system, 39 light years away from Earth. Below the rough, frozen surface of planet Eedor, lies the technological marvel of the Cave. For more than a decade, it has hosted a self-sustained society of robots and children, hidden from plain sight. 

The children know nothing of their heritage or of how they got there and the artificially intelligent robots that raised them, provide no clear answers. Their only guidance comes from the “Voices”, mysterious deities that left a message for each child, a gift that ultimately defines their role in life. It is their most sacred duty to embark on a strange pilgrimage through the frozen wastes of Eedor and atop the Hollow Mountain, where they must wait for a new message from the sky. 

Aurora, our heroine, is the only child without a message to guide her. As her free spirit is tested by the controlling nature of the Cave and her need for a purpose grows, she decides to take matters into her own hands.  

Black vultures fly above the Cave, hungry for young prey. The enigmatic Architect is nowhere to be found while the benevolent "Voices", have yet to break their deafening silence. What future awaits the children of the Cave? Will Aurora find the truth about her "Voice"? 

Many of those questions will be answered in this first episode, but even more will keep you awake at night in the end. Aurora's journey spans through 4 long episodes, so strap your hype belts and prepare for some perpetual cliff hanging! It's worth your patience and your support!

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