Aura Pendant
Aura Pendant

This project has already launched.

Dear Prefunda,

We are a group of designers, architects, programmers and artists. We are obsessed with the idea of experimenting digital technologies to transform love stories into 3D printed objects. Using sensors to collect emotions in our body as data visualization. Turning tangible the intangible. 
We created an unique way to express love: A 3D printed gold jewel to wear close to the heart. Its our dear project called "AURA PENDANT".
We just created a campaign on KICKSTARTER to make this project keep alive​. 
Findhere a sample of the text, a few images and a link for the video and the Kickstarter campaign. On the ​drive​ link below you can download the complete text, more images and a video:

Our app, through your phone’s microphone, captures the tonal cadence, fluctuation, and emotions as you relay a love story. The app also captures your heartbeat, through your phone’s camera and flash.
As big admirers of Prefundia we are submitting our project, hopeful that you will also fall in love. ​
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