Augmented Wyatt Earp - Tombstone Augmented Reality History Project
Augmented Wyatt Earp - Tombstone Augmented Reality History Project

above:  Jerry Woods as Wyatt Earp in Chronos Productions "The Killing of Frank Stilwell" -2014

Chronos Productions:  Wyatt Earp Saga - An Augmented Reality Tombstone Experience

What if you could be a fly on the wall for a famous historical event?  

What if you could walk the streets of Tombstone and watch the entire Wyatt Earp saga unfold.  What if you could "be there" to see everything from the early conflicts with Sheriff Behan and the Cowboys through the  O.K. Corral shootout and the ambushes that launched the Earp revenge ride? What if you could stand in the middle of history almost as if you were there as it happened?

At Chronos we're doing the next best thing.  We're bringing the film and VFX quality of Hollywood-level productions to historically accurate stories, with historians narrating and advising to keep the historical accuracy in-line with what actually happened.

We've already started our proof-of-concept with the "The Killing of Frank Stilwell" a 4-scene test shoot at the world famous Old Tucson Studios that will be QR code embedded at eye witness positions at the very train depot where the killing happened in Tucson, AZ. Visitors will be able to see what happened from about where it happened, even when the eye witness accounts don't agree.  Think of it like "CSI Earp". 

above:  Caleb Ford as Frank Stilwell in Chronos Productions "The Killing of Frank Stilwell" - 2014

But, we're just getting started.

 We want to shoot the entire 15-20 scene Wyatt Earp saga in 4K HD, with cast, crew and historians so that we can not only embed it at the location for QR code based mobile viewing, but also create educational tools for people who love the old west but can't make the trip to experience Tombstone.  For those folks we can create the historical experience virtually and (with enough capital and testing) expand into video game engine driven virtual experiences with Oculus Rift. Think about standing in the middle of the O.K. corral with a virtual 3D view as the action unfolded around you. 

We aim to change the way people experience history.

 Tombstone is the first location on a long list of historical sites we want to create virtual historical content around.  With this kind of accurate, high quality storytelling students, tourists, visitors and history lovers from around the world can virtually BE THERE when history happens.   From following a single soldier's march and camp through the days leading up to Gettysburg, to the virtual experience of walking the streets of Deadwood, we want to transform the way history is discovered by a new generation. 

above:  Passengers wait at the depot in Chronos Productions "The Killing of Frank Stillwell" -2014

If you ever wanted to be there, Chronos is your chance.  

We want you to hear the sounds, feel the intensity and know the truth of danger, risk, courage and triumph that history can provide.  We want to excite people about history in a way that speaks to them with the technology they use and the way they consume media.  We want to make history in history education by creating a new way to interact with the story.

Our team is comprised of Hollywood VFX, production and creative talents.  We have the skills, experience and passion to bring these stories to life.   We have an AFI Producing Fellow at the helm; a VFX, directing and writing team that includes members who have worked on Star Trek, and major projects for Sony, Coca-Cola as well as other Fortune 50 companies.

above: Chronos Productions crew at Old Tucson Studios in "The Killing of Frank Stilwell" -2014

We have historians and experts waiting to help make these stories an accurate experience and technical teams to build the resulting experience into an app for download in Tombstone or for distibution to our backers for use wherever they may be. 

above: Christer Dreisbach as Doc Holliday in Chronos Productions "The Killing of Frank Stilwell" -2014

 We're going to be launching our Tombstone crowdfunding campaign soon.  As you can see the cast, crew, costumes and props are already secured.  The initial testing is being done and our team is getting ready to join you in making history, in the way we experience history!


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