Aubergine Pillow - Comfort in just a puff
Aubergine Pillow - Comfort in just a puff

This project has already launched.

Meet Aubergine Pillow, the inflatable pillow that plumps up in one puff.

Everyone knows the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep, but that just isn’t reality for most. How many times do you catch yourself dozing off throughout the day? What if you could snooze comfortably, right there and then?

The Aubergine Pillow is an inflatable pillow like no other. Inflatable pillows are commonplace when people travel, but it should not be a luxury for the everyday. The Aubergine Pillow affords you the everyday comfort you hunger for, on demand.

Most might be familiar with getting all breathless when blowing up an inflatable pillow, but the Aubergine Pillow promises to inflate effortlessly with just a single puff. This is made possible by employing the Bernoulli Effect. When you blow a few inches away from the spout, the surrounding air is drawn into the spout as well, ensuring that the volume of air that goes into pillow is much greater than the volume of your breath. This translates into greater efficiency and ease when inflating the Aubergine Pillow. Once the pillow is firm enough, you close it up by folding the fabric around the opening and sealing it with a snap buckle. Just a single puff, for maximum plumpness.

Additionally, blowing at a distance ensures no physical contact with the valve, eliminating all hygiene concerns.

The creators empathise that speed and efficiency is only second to comfort. Taking inspiration from the sensual curves of the humble aubergine, the Aubergine Pillow features a well-placed dimple to stabilise your head and support your neck, which is the cornerstone for a good rest. Good support not only eliminates the all-too-familiar head lolling and bobbing, but goes beyond that by restoring your spine’s natural curvature for optimal on-the-go sleeping posture.

Every pocket of free time is an opportunity to nap. It deflates fast, rolls snug and compacts small, ensuring that you can resume normal life, as fast as you can wake. When compacted, The Aubergine Pillow is no larger than your iPhone 7, fitting perfectly into your bag, and your lifestyle.

Comfort on demand is an understated luxury. The Aubergine Pillow is made from high quality fabrics, soft enough to rest your face on, yet hardy enough to be machine- washable. The dark fabric helps to cut out light for an instant dozing environment, and disguises inevitable drool stains that come with deep slumber.

The pillow for the sleep connoisseur. Your solution to bulky cushion pillows that are difficult to carry around and inflatable pillows that you struggle to blow up, only to provide you with half the comfort you deserve, The Aubergine Pillow.

It is off to a great start as they have reached its funding goal in just 4 hours. The Aubergine Pillow is currently live and available for all who dream of catching the best of naps at


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