Attic Salt Mag — A Zine
Attic Salt Mag — A Zine

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It would take 136 billion sheets of A4 paper to print out the entire internet. So instead of trying to print it all, I’ve decided that it’d be nice to just find the interesting and hidden facts which I think would be good to share. I, personally, love to learn and share these hundreds of facts (without trying to sound snobby of course), I’m just "unashamedly geeky,” if you will.


Attic Salt is a new born baby in the zine and magazine scene. It’s somewhere between a zine, and an encyclopedia. It’s like a zine in the way it’s made. Like an encyclopedia it contains facts, but in a more casually written way. It’s not “just another lifestyle magazine”. It’s a zine that wants to be your encouraging friend that tells you it’s okay to want to learn and it’s okay to be nerdy. The magazine aims to ignite the curiosities of your mind. We hope to inspire you to take the journey less traveled along with us, illuminating hidden treasures & finding exciting discoveries along the way.

Sample spreads 
Sample spreads



The magazine itself, although casual like a zine, factual like a textbook, written like a magazine — is planned to be printed in a mini newspaper format. The nitty-gritty hasn’t been 100% decided, but it’s most likely to be stapled bound on 55gsm newsprint, roughly between 24-32 pages in length, and 180 x 260 mm (slightly smaller than A4, but not quite A5) in size.









If you’re willing to, or planning to, or even just vaguely thinking about it — depending on the amount which you decide to part with, there are some little tidbits and rewards along the way.

Everyone who supports it will have their name listed on a supporters page of the website. (Obviously, this is optional and if you wish to remain anonymous that’s totally okay, we still appreciate your support as much as the next). On top of this there are a few other things available for you to collect, such as:

  • Handwritten Thank you Postcard
  • Issue 1 of the mag + your name printed in the back
  • A cute little sticker set
  • A tote bag 
  • An A4 art print

Making a zine is usually considered a cheap task (you know, just scribble here and throw some paper down there) but if you haven’t guessed yet — Attic Salt Magazine is planning to be anything but your ordinary read.

The majority of the costs will go towards printing, packaging, and shipping the zine out to all you lovely readers. The base cost is for roughly 100 copies. The other coins and dollars will go towards getting good quality prints and products made for the rewards (because we want to give you the best we can, we don’t want to be cutting any corners).


Of course, it would be an absolute dream to reach the goal in the first place, but if it happens that Attic Salt becomes a bigger thing than I have envisioned some plans for rewards if a stretch goal of $8,000 is reached include;

Unique Hand-drawn Postcard — Individually made for every backer, supporter, and reader of the magazine, whether there are 100 or 700 of you. You’ll get your own unique fact drawn for you

A3 Posters — The extra costs from the stretch goals will go into producing A3 prints of art that are related to the topics within the issue, which will be available for purchase; signed & numbered.

& Of course, the second issue — Another issue would obviously mean extra costs, but if the majority of those costs can be covered beforehand, then well, it can be in the pipeline quicker and be distributed to you earlier.


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& On one last note; I’d just like to say

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