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ATMOPC produces world unique high technology ecosustainable Computers.

We are #unconventionalgreen.

ATMOPC™ Vision

Computer quantity will double within 5 years. It will be therefore a moral and social obligation to minimize the use of raw materials in PC industry. ATMOPC corporate values are already summarized in "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle". It's now important more then ever before to connect our life to Nature.

ATMOPC want to provide the basis to actively preserve, protect and improve our wonderful planet.

Why are we on Kickstarter? 

Because we are about to test a new kind of research with a simple goal. We want that our PCs, and possibly all other technological tools, can use truly clean power from the plants, which currently daily produce six times more energy needed for all humanity. 

This is the real goal set for the future by ATMOPC and this is what we are activating for.

As we are a Startup yet we need more funds to begin this parallel ATMO project. In fact we need a big Indoors Greenhouse. Do you want to contribute to our environment cause? So buy our little ATMO! more!

ATMOPC™ is innovation


ATMO can convince you with three valid arguments;

Elegance -  eyes nourishment

Oxygen -  mind nourishment

Energy saving -  positively impact envinronment and your wallet


ATMOPC™ will improve and preserve our environment

ATMOPC Business objectives is to provide to companies and individuals its ecofriendly low power consumption Computers. We want to help our ecosystem in two main ways:

  • Reduct Carbon Dioxide emissions caused by computers usage.

ATMOPC tests and use low energy consumptions components. Some models, such as KUMU or IKE, does not need even fan systems but just an aluminium thermal module. Computer is cooled by forced natural ventilation.

Computers combined with ATMOPC case and plants consume just ¼ compared to a traditional desktop PC. In the meantime our plants produce Oxygen and grows even thanks to ATMO cooling/heating system. Energy efficient , its power consumption  is 60/70 kWh yearly circa, about 20/25 euro. High percentage of users are switching to solar power, but also for those who are connected to a normal electrical net, it is necessary that the amount of energy used at office or at home is minimal and ATMO fully centers this goal.

This Process combined with lower consumptions aims to improve climatic conditions and support ATMOPC in the reduction of power plant emissions.

  • Deforestation caused by the fall of forests for commercial purposes.

ATMOPC models are provided with a plant. This plant grow better even because ATMO will mantain its perfect grows conditions. After two, three months this plant need to be repotted. Default plant in ATMO is a Peperomia rotundifolia, but we have compiled a list of other plants that could play the same role. ATMO heat warms plants compartment to a temperature between 17 and 30 degrees centigrade. In other words, there's the right conditions for our plants to grow and this process facilitate the "home reforestation".

Every ATMO model can host 4 plants every year (if you're not using a succulent plant). We would like to show this technology as a future archetype. We can really produce an "House reforestation" phenomenon. Depending by the plant used we can produce small or large green areas.

At the moment no trees is cutted to produce ATMO series then we will use FSC woods from ecosustainable managed forests. A wooden object is time resistant. ATMOPC plans to produce Computer upgrade kits, so it  will be enough to replace some parts of the PC. We'll eliminate a large part of plastic and iron. We will plant a Tree every ATMO sold.

Our aim is to open new ecosustainable way to intend computer science being apart of our environment needs.

ATMO Power usage and consumption







ATMO Series

Let's just take a look to ATMO series computers. ATMO, wood computer, adorned with a plant and river stones, positioned above your desk will relax eyes and mind with its features. ATMO natural elements are not only a box but are fundamental in the functioning of this eco computer. While you're working ATMO will gently heat plant on its top. This process plus light will activate photosynthesis. In this good conditions ATMO's plant start produce Oxygen that will fill your environment.

You can even use stones, a natural heatsink, as an essential oil burner or aroma Therapy. Now take a deep breath and let ATMO help you.

ATMOPC materials

ATMO is made with scraps wood, recycled or just aged wood. There is plenty of this wood for immediate use! This does not mean that it is waste or bad wood, this simply means that this fine wood used to built furniture can't be used for anything else except to build little things, like ATMO case.

Every ATMOPC Computer is a state of the art handcrafted master piece.




Our Entry Level, specially designed for home use. A perfect balance between performance / cost. "IKE" is an Hawaiian word meaning "Knowledge"

Its dimensions are 15x15x15cm, Cordless Keyboard and Mouse included

Specifications: OS Windows 10 Professional - CPU Intel Celeron N2830 - 4Gb Ram - 64Gb SSD -  5 Usb - HDMI - VGA - Wifi - LAN - 1 year warranty on electronic parts - Free Return and shipping

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