Atmós (derived from the Greek word ατμός, meaning "steam") will spark a revolution in the way you prepare your food. We believe that healthy cooking and eating should be convenient and easy, and have created Atmós centered around these goals. Atmós is a steamer that will very quickly become one of the most used and reliable tools in your kitchen.

The design is based off a steamer used by my grandparents in South Africa, an appliance that has served them well for over 37 years. We have improved upon the design of their steamer to create a product that will serve you for generations to come. Made of 18/10 finest quality stainless steel, Atmós consists of a water-holding base with a thick aluminium plate, and up to three stacked tiers with a lid on top. 

Our revolutionary design does not include the perforations covering the bottom of other steamers available on the market, but rather is composed of a solid base with a singular pipe that allows the steam to enter each level, but does not allow the flavors and nutrients to drip through to the base as they would in a traditional steamer basket. 

Atmós allows you to cook up to three different foods simultaneously, allowing for easy cleanup and preparation of many meals. You could poach fish, cook rice, and steam vegetables at the same time in your Atmós steamer, quickly and efficiently allowing you to prepare delicious, healthy meals without taking up too much space on your stovetop or using excess electricity.

Atmós is the most efficient and healthy way to cook your meals. The base can be used alone as a sauce-pan, and any number of steamer baskets can be used, depending on your needs.

Follow us for updates as we prepare to launch our Kickstarter campaign!

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