Astrogirls - Enamel Pin Series of Cute Astronaut Girls
Astrogirls - Enamel Pin Series of Cute Astronaut Girls

This project has already launched.

Hello! I'm Olivia, an English artist working on creating items to sell online and at conventions. Astrogirls is my latest project, designed to show cute astronaut girls combined with different environments and themes. 

Stickers and additional designs are available as stretch goals, including completely new astrogirls as well as recolour options!

I'm also holding a giveaway to celebrate reaching the goal! the link is here: GIVEAWAY!

All the pins will be (unless otherwise specified):  

  • hard enamel 
  • rubber clutch
  • high quality brass
  • include a backing card

Although the pins will also be available via my online store once the campaign is finished, pins purchased in this campaign include a special kickstarter discount. Once unlocked, the stickers in the stretch goals will be included in every order for free!

Backing card and examples of where to wear!

 If you'd like to see more of my work, the links are below!  

Instagram | Twitter Facebook Tumblr YouTube | naftie on Vero  

Thank you!♡

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