Assassins: A Werewolf Alternative
Assassins: A Werewolf Alternative

After playing 'Werewolf' for years and years, I thought it would be really fun to make the game I love come alive in a new way, so I reimagined the classic game with a new setting, new art, new characters, and other new elements.

But why Assassins you ask? Because parkouring lethal hunters are just as cool as (dare I say cooler than?) werewolves. 

This has been a real labor of love for me. So if you like what you see, please take a moment to pledge whatever you can and get your own copy! And please share it out on all the social medias like facetube and snaptweet.

The Kingdom of Ridian

Set in the restless Kingdom of Ridian, the Assassins find themselves pitted against the rest of the King's court. Their goal? Kill everyone and get to the King! The kingdom is in dire need of a new leader, or so say the Assassins. The loyal subjects have banded together upon hearing rumors of an uprising. Their goal is to find and stop the Assassins before they can carry out their terrible purpose.

Assassins is a simple game full of chaos and trickery. It can be played with a little as 5 people, and as many as 52. 

Each night the kingdom sleeps, and the Assassins wake and choose a victim. The Assassins know who each other are, and work together, but the rest of the kingdom has no clue! The heroes each get a turn at night to use their ability to counter-act the Assassins, or learn more about who people are. When the Kingdom awakes, they select someone to hang from the gallows. Everyone can present a defense to shift the blame, deceive and mislead to save their own skin. In fact, it's encouraged! After group decides (by vote) who to hang, that person’s identity is revealed, and the game continues until either the kingdom wins by killing the Assassins or the Assassins win by killing all the loyal subjects.

It's a game of cunning, deception, and secrets and I hope you absolutely love it!

Herald Steelhardt, a Royal Knight to the King of Ridian. His job just got way harder. He and his brother Branwyn, the Blacksmith (Unlocked at $9,000) are the King's most dedicated allies.

Ability: Dying Charge - When Herald is killed, with one last surge he can choose any player to kill. If he dies, someone is going down with him.

Lady Licha is an Oracle. Some days she makes some really great prophecies, some days she just isn't really that in tune with the universe and makes stuff up. Licha and Thulin the Red, the Wizard (Included in the PREMIUM decks) probably dated like a hundred years ago. They are both pretty old. 

Ability: Gift of Sight - Each night Lady Licha awakes and has a chance to look at the card of one player. The more she learns, the more powerful she becomes.

Hargrave, the Physician, is always being creepy down in his lab working on his potions. Some of them are pretty remarkable, and others are deadly. Better just steer clear of them all together.

Ability: Potionmaker - Hargrave has two potions. One to kill a player and one to save a player from death. Each night he awakes and gets to choose if he wants to use one of his potions. Each potion can only be used once.

The Wizard, Thulin the Red, mastered fire centuries ago on the Eve of Kings and since then has been by the side of the reigning King of Ridian. Sometimes he and the Oracle make out in the Throne Room when no one is there. It's kinda gross.

Ability: Firestrike - When Thulin the Red awakes at night, he may use Firestrike to deflect any attack one time to save a player. When he uses Flamestrike he must select a player to the right or left of the one he is saving, and the neighbor dies instead.

What do I get when I buy Assassins?

  • Step-by-step instructions for first timers (including more heroic lore)
  • Incredible Heroes (that have amazing abilities that alter the game) 
  • Beautiful full color edge-to-edge art (none of those pesky borders) 
  • The greatest party game of all time!! 


When you pledge at "The Work of Magic" ($5) or "Long Live the King" ($15) reward tiers you unlock the STANDARD DECK - 25 cards with: 4 Assassins, 2 Physicians, 2 Oracles, 2 Knights, and 15 Servants - Everything you need to play the game and have a blast. As Stretch Goals are reached and new Heroes are unlocked, one copy of each will be added to your deck for free!

When you pledge at "To Arms" ($20) or Higher you unlock the PREMIUM DECK - 54 Cards of unmatched bravery, of course you get the 8 Assassins, 4 Physicians, 4 Oracles, 4 Knights, and 30 Servants, but you also get a BONUS HERO - 4 Wizards. The Wizard is only available in the PREMIUM DECK.

For those of you who want more: I made more!

Plot Cards! The first things to unlock are the plot cards, unlocked at $6,000! These cards add a layer of mystery and randomness to each game, making games stay interesting and intriguing long after you get used to the characters. They favor one or more hero and give them a bonus to keep the game fun and unexpected. These will be added to all Premium Decks.

When we reach $9,000, we'll unlock The Blacksmith - Branwyn Steelhardt. His brother Herald chose the sword; he chose the anvil. He is a burly builder of the finest crafted armor in all of Ridian. You can usually find him in his forge smelting some metal, or hitting some metal, or sometimes polishing some metal. He likes metal.

There are more cards to be unlocked!

I have ideas for more heroes too! More will be revealed as things get unlocked!!


Assassins Theme Song: Crunk Knight by Kevin MacLeod. 

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