Aspiring Ewaster Seeks Location and Tools
Aspiring Ewaster Seeks Location and Tools

Hello and thank you for visiting. The point of this project is to establish an electronics dismantling center for Liverpool/Galeville, and North Syracuse by use of drop-off bins at locations around North Syracuse and Liverpool/Galeville. All money raised from this kickstarter will go towards a years rent at a local storage facility, an electric generator, dismantling tools, and storage for the parts.

      I'm more then eager to get this business up and running so I can service the community. Electronics as a whole have to go somewhere and they need to be dismantled properly instead of being thrown out in the garbage so they end up in landfills and pollute ground water. I'm available 24/7 to answer any questions or to explain anything anyone has.

Risks and challenges

I don't see any risks in getting this type of business up and running. There's no hazards in doing this type of work correctly. The only challenge I see is raising the necessary amount to start.

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