LOOK™- The Digital Picture Frame Reimagined
LOOK™- The Digital Picture Frame Reimagined

This project has already launched.


LOOK takes all the pictures from your life and those of your friends and displays them in real time through a wi-fi connected, framed HD display.







Your LOOK easily displays pictures of your last vacation, your friend's night out, or the latest pictures of your kids.


LOOK automatically streams pictures from multiple sources, including your friends, family and social networks.

  • With just a tap, display pictures from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and other popular social networks in real time.
  • When your family or friends post new pictures to their social networks, they automatically display on your LOOK without you having to lift a finger. 
  • When you post new pictures, your family and friends' LOOKs display them as well.
  • You set the permissions for who sees your pictures.


LOOK displays pictures of what interests YOU.

  • LOOK accesses photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Flickr to find just the right photos.
  • LOOK also lets you access one of the world’s largest collections of professional photographs (licensed from Getty Images). From ethereal black and whites to portraits of world-famous personalities, from lush botanicals to sea vistas and cityscapes, there are over 70 million images. It even includes the The LIFE Collection – an archive of some of the most recognizable imagery of the 20th Century.


Maybe you follow world events, your teenager loves Taylor Swift and your oldest has a passion for the New York Yankees. 


LOOK delivers something for everyone from Getty Images' world famous photojournalists. Getty professional photographers cover events all around the world including:

  • Worldwide celebrity events including awards, concerts, movie premieres, red carpets, fashion shows, celebrity parties, and more.
  • Live action sporting events including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA, F1 & NASCAR racing, tennis, golf, college sports and more.
  • Breaking news from around the world. Photojournalists travel the world to visually tell these stories.


Expose your family to art and increase creativity and imagination. 


LOOK delivers the world's great masterpieces to your home, including works that match your interests from:

  • The Louvre
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Musee d'Orsay
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • National Gallery and thousands more









We're already thinking about version 2 of the LOOK software. A few of the features we've got on our roadmap: video support, animated GIFs, support for the Apple Watch...and more.

We founded Artkick almost two years ago to bring great art into people's homes on the Internet-connected televisions they already owned. Our app was very successful but in talking with our users we realized two things, 1) the most important images in our lives are now those of our friends and family and, 2) people wanted to watch TV on their TVs. 

We stepped back and tried to figure out the best way to bring the pictures that matter most to people onto the walls of their homes. So we created LOOK. It's based on the cloud-based server infrastructure we build for Artkick and adds revolutionary new social media connection software and support for the new LOOK dedicated screen.

Artkick got a great reception in the press and we hope LOOK will be received as well.

Some of Artkick's press coverage:

The "best social / lifestyle mobile app” award from the BMA
Artkick named one of “The Best Apps for Google’s Chromecast!” by The Gadget Show
Artkick named one of “The Best Apps for Google’s Chromecast!” by The Gadget Show

Steve Greenberg, The Gadget Guy, named Artkick one of his favorite apps. — Today Show

"Artkick wants to be the Spotify of art." — New York Times

"How to get $4.2 billion worth of artwork into your living room." — Technology Tell



Our prototype LOOKs are up and running. The hardware and the software work. We now need your help to turn our hand-built prototypes into a finished consumer electronics product and then introduce LOOK to the world.

When we show someone one of our prototypes, the reaction is almost always the same: a big smile, "wow" and “when can I get one?”

With your help, we can “wow” a lot more people by putting a finished product in their hands. Please help us get there.


  • The first 100 early backers on Kickstarter get LOOK for $349.
  • If you jump in after the first 100 people, you can still back us and get our Kickstarter price of $399.
  • LOOK will have a retail price of $499 after our Kickstarter campaign.

We are innovators and entrepreneurs, engineers and designers, photographers and artists. Here are just a few members of our team.

  • Sheldon Laube is our CEO, co-founder of four successful startups and the former Chief Innovation Officer of PricewaterhouseCoopers. 
  • Glenn Ricart leads our development efforts. He has co-founded five startups and been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.
  • Abe Ostrovsky is in charge of our operations and has been the chairman of many successful technology companies.
  • Nancy Laube heads up our content efforts and is also a professional photographer and photo historian.
  • Rosie and Linda are the official beagles of Artkick and are always there to provide love and affection during the long days of a startup.

  • We have done a lot of research - looked into countless HD displays and frames, explored computing options to run the display, revised the Artkick infrastructure and built a whole new app to drive it, and more.
  • We talked to even more people to learn more about what they wanted and what was feasible, including current Artkick customers, our Artkick Customer Advisory Board, friends, family, and experts.
  • We then created a few LOOK prototypes that we showed to hundreds of people at events, lunches, meetings, and more.
  • We are now launching our campaign to take that prototype to market.
As we move forward, we’ll send out regular updates to all our backers, letting you know our progress and the latest news.



We are preparing to launch our project on Kickstarter. Please provide your email in the box at the top right and we'll let you know when we're ready!

To all of you who have read this far, thank you!

We are excited about our project and working really hard to make it a reality. Every time we see someone taking a selfie or snapping a pic of their friends with their phone, every time we watch a smile breakout as someone glances at their Instagram feed, we get inspired. Imagine experiencing these pictures in a whole new way. Every time we walk by a picture on a wall we wonder, how long has that been there? Imagine it changing to reflect your interests and your mood whenever you want. Help us make our imagination a reality!

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