Artist's Table with Jacques Pépin and Isaac Mizrahi
Artist's Table with Jacques Pépin and Isaac Mizrahi

On May 15th, 2014, chef Jacques Pépin will be seeking funding on a Kickstarter campaign to run for 30 days. The goal is $350,000. The project is called "Artist's Table," and will be a one hour taped segment to air on PBS, featuring Jacques Pépin and designer Isaac Mizrahi. Filmed at Isaac's design studio and home kitchen in NY, both creators will prepare a meal and enjoy it together while they explore human creativity, their own approach to food, and the parallels they discover between the culinary arts and fashion design. 

Jacques is esteemed as a world-acclaimed chef, author and popular television personality. Less known is his lifelong passion for and involvement in the non-culinary arts. Jacques is an artist, ceramist, music lover, and enthusiastic sculptor whose relationship with the arts runs deep. He is also a passionate raconteur who delights in conversation around the table. 

Isaac is renowned for his globally acclaimed runway and ready-to-wear collections, but less known is his involvement in dance, music, and his deep interest in food and cooking. 

The first 'Artist's Table' highlighted cooking and conversation between Jacques and the virtuoso concert violinist Itzhak Perlman. The second installment of Artist's Table with Isaac Mizrahi will be  moving off of the traditional funding paradigm that has sustained Pépin's fixture on PBS for decades, and onto crowd-sourced funding. This is new territory for the PBS veteran, who had regularly cooked with Julia Child on air back in 1999. 


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The first Artist's Table with Jacques Pépin and Itzhak Perlman

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