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o   Artistery’s primary purpose is to facilitate access and interaction with visual arts for all levels and interests in various types of art and artistic techniques.

-       Our Project

o   We developed a high definition digital canvas that we paired with a mobile sharing platform for paintings, photos, and drawings in digital form.

o   This allows our users, wherever they are, to contemplate, study, and interact with art pieces from all around the world.

-       Your private Art Gallery

o   Our database contains pieces from the most renown artists in art history whose artwork are exposed in museums and the works of talented indie artists’ of different styles and origins.

o   It is basically a private art gallery ready to hang on your walls.

-       An Instructive Interface

o   In addition to its decorative purposes, Artistery helps its customers understand the art they love.

With a simple hand gesture in front of the digital canvas’s motion sensor, the user could read about the displayed art piece. This description contains information about the artist, the techniques used in the artwork, and tells the story of the piece.

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