Artful Dice Towers & On Target Green & Red Lasers For Line of Sight
Artful Dice Towers & On Target Green & Red Lasers For Line of Sight

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Laser LoS 

Being ON-TARGET is important! Our lasers are DURABLE with a 1 Year WARRANTY, they are all FAST & ACCURATE for LINE OF SIGHT for miniatures games and even Role-Playing Games, simple as point and click. Along with our red lasers for every day use- even in bright light, you can also now get our green lasers which are blindingly effective and add that extra luxury for your most desperate battles.  

A laser superior to anything else on the market today, battle tested, gamer approved.

The ON-TARGET line laser is based on the same sturdy units used in industrial, construction, and manufacturing sectors to deliver long reliable life. In fact the components for these lasers were originally designed to operate mounted on tools such as circular saws and in other high-vibration environments- so we know it will hold up well to gamer needs, use and abuse. It's Ergonomically designed to allow easy top down or angled display with a thumb actuator that has two operating modes; 'constant on' and 'momentary'.

This is no mickey-mouse dollar-store laser, this is the real thing.




Artful Dice Towers

In addition we bring our newest product; the elegant solution for a well designed Dice Tower, with optional Rebel Graphic (Option A) or Imperial Graphic (Option B) . Actually, we can do other graphics or even YOUR own graphic for an additional fee, just check out the add-on section. Makes for a great product for retailers too, heck we can even emblazon your company, club, or group logo on the front if you'd like to supply us with a vectored art image (additional cost for in-house design).


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