Art of stretching with S-HUBme
Art of stretching with S-HUBme

This project has already launched.

Who i am I?

For those who do not know me, I am Lisa, master of rhythmic gymnastics and a young mom originally from Ukraine.

My country is famous for rhythmic gymnastics. I have spent more thenthan 10 years training hard and participating in various challenging tournaments, learning everything about perfect form, balance, grace and yesof course, beauty to, so I could compete at a top level in a challenging physical sport that is also a visual art.

Two years ago I gave birth to my daughter Jasmine. I received so many compliments from friends all over the world about how fast my recovery from pregnancy was, and people were amazed that it was possible to be beautiful not long after having a baby. 

In addition to compliments, I received many questions, like: 

"How do you do it? Who is your trainer? Do you have a chef and a nanny? Do you work out four hours a day?."?"

And my answer was:

"Of course not! Only movie stars and heiresses have such luxuries."

I had nothing but

My special “tricks” are just healthy habits, fitness knowledge and the motivation to be a role model for my new best friend,: my daughter. 

You and I may not have a gym or a private chef - but it is possible for everyone canto enjoy time with their families, prepare tasty, healthy food quickly and affordably, and to look their best using onlyeven without fancy things. It is possible even with just a small space (at home, in the office or while traveling), theiryour own body weight and things already in your house, like balls or a rope.

Just 20 minutes of daily stretching forms a strong healthy habit.

If you're totally spent by midafternoon, a stretch break will invigorate you in less time than it would take for a barista to whip you up your usuala latte.

 What do i do? 

Nowadays, people are crazy about "big tits"“biscuits” and sixpack.

Have a Natural Body. 
It seems so many people are obsessed about fake bodies. From puffed up lips to "breast augmentation"“by-pass” to hormone-fueled six-packs. From taking nutrient additives, buffing up and doing surgery - they are willing to do anything to have the body of their dreams. It seems they forgot all about natural body abilities and healthy methods. that last a lifetime.

All humans problems are due to lack of muscle elasticity. 

You should care about your flexibility right now and it will pay off in the future. Stretched muscles benefit you most then just beefed out ones.

The S-HUBme concept first visited my mind after my daughter’s birth, when my figure changed and I didn’t have enough time "for myself. You won't believe how fast recommitting to 20 minutes of daily stretching changed my body back to the pre-baby form. 

I decided to make short videos about how strength stretching (even before getting out of bed!), flexibility workouts, fun playing and easy cooking can make anyone more fit, happy, strong and confident then ever. 

- Who needs stretching? 

- First of all it is helpful for both men and women! 

 You need stretching if: 

  •  You sit most of the day. 
  •  Your body feels constant tension. 
  •  You can’t relax, you are a slave to routine. 
  •  You have a permanent headache.  
  •  You start noticing you have loose skin. 
  •  You lost the vigor of life and constantly dream about change. 
  •  You are a young mother and just need a proper recovery routine. 

It is essential for you if:

  • You have problems with your joints and sometimes feel convulsions. 
  • You feel uncomfortable because of backache, leg ache and arm ache. 
  • You are sick of permanent headache. 
  • You don’t feel enough desire or passion. 
  • You are depressed and exhausted. 

What are the benefits?

  • Improved mood. 
  • Relaxation of achy or underused muscles.   
  • Elastic and shining skin. 
  • A beautiful, flexible body capable of new feats – even the splits.   
  • Helps with fine-muscle coordination
  • You'll move around more easily and with less pain.
  • Anti-stress effect .. Stretching can help tame tension both physically and mentally, as it relieves tight muscles while tricking you into feeling more relaxed.
  • Wow-effect! Your beautiful, sporty body will make stunning impressions.

Check your level of flexibility now and decide if you need stretching:

 All my current videos are free and available in English and Russian. 

So you can start your stretching journey with me right now. 

What I would like to do? 

I am in the process of making a complex stretching program which will be available online for people who want to train on the go: at home, on vacation, in the office or during a business trip.  All what'sthat's left is to shotshoot nice videos and combine it allthem in easyan easily accessible way in order to reach my potential viewers.

 S-HUBme - your personal stretching coach!

  • Program will consist of ten (10) brief stretching workouts teaching you everything you need to gain strength, flexibility and look your best. 
  • You will be able to do all of this with just 20 minutes a day following my essential stretching courses. There will be 2 levels: one for beginners and an advanced level. 
  • Every stretching workout consists of exercises directed on stretching specific groups of muscles.
  • The classes move gradually from simple to complex. You will see constant improvement through repetition and variety.

 Stretching workout’s Structure : 

  • Stretching workout 1 - Strengthening the muscles of the feet and stretching legs on cross split. 
  • Stretching workout 2 - Development of flexibility of the spine and stretching legs on forward splits. 
  • Stretching workout 3 - Development of flexibility of the upper body and stretching legs on cross split. 
  • Stretching workout 4 - Stretching the back calf muscles (works calves, knees, etc.) and forward splits. 
  • Stretching workout 5 - Development of flexibility of the hip joints and stretching legs on cross split. 
  • Stretching workouts 6-10 High Order Exercises. 

So in generalOffer will include approximately 200 minutes of stretching routines for all muscle groups: from toes to fingers. Paid access is good for 3 months of exercise, using my online courses. 

My marketing efforts.

I am investing a great deal of time and money to make the best possible videos of the highest quality. But, but I am justa one girl.woman production. I could reallywill use your help to expand my marketing effortscontributions to reach more people who are interesting in stretching and just, including young moms like me.  

Those who know me best know that I only ask for help when I really need it. I need your help right now. I’ve started this projectcreation with my own time and money, and now I’m asking you to help bring this work intoto share it with the world. 

It brings me great joy to give back to the people who want and need a movement practice in their lives without the constraints of having to hit the gym.

The sum i I pledged gives me some financial security:

  • to fulfill my obligations with Kickstarter and taxes; 
  • to finish online stretching course; 
  • to continue producing exceptional free videos for my YouTube channel;
  • to design cute sport accessories. 

If you don't have any possibilityare not able to support memy project financially just, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and share one of my videos on your social media. I am sure that i canthis will help me reach in this way at least a few personeven more people who will find them helpful.

I hope you will join me on this journey and I thank you for your support. 

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