ARRIVAL - Bluetooth Speaker - Naturally CLEAR
ARRIVAL - Bluetooth Speaker - Naturally CLEAR



ARRIVAL - Bluetooth Speaker looks PURE and sounds CLEAR

A good speaker is like a mirror, the more it’s clear, the more you see yourself, in this case, you hear the true music.

As the power of music is not only making you dance, but also, it’s a dialogue with our soul. Somehow we all feel comfortable by the music.

Most of the portable Bluetooth speaker is designed for playing loud music at outdoor. But at the end of the day, we need our music much more when we are at home or in our own private space. 

We ,as architects, try to redesign this classical portable Bluetooth speaker into a more pure and clear piece of sound art.


Reduce vibration noises:  

When a powerful mini speaker plays music on a table, many small objects on the surface will be shook by their own rhythm. Those undesirable noises, including the vibration of the speaker itself will interfere with the playing music.  

ARRIVAL has only 3 minimum points to touch the table. It minimizes the resonation from its surroundings objects. In the meantime, its heavy weight of the solid sound shield absorbs vibrations coming from the body of speaker.


Enhanced lower frequency:

As we all know, higher frequency sound wave only needs tiny media to convey, while lower frequency sound wave relies on much heavier substance to send out to the air. For the classical portable speaker, as the weight is light, it is difficult to send lower frequency to the distance.

ARRIVAL has its solid piece made of plexiglass as it’s back base to release the hidden energy inside of the speaker. By enlarging 11x the surface and 3x the weight of the substance for vibration, it dramatically enhanced the lower frequency sound wave when it’s playing. And most of all, it is not made by digital alteration, it is enhanced physically with high fidelity.




Even sound field

A portable speaker is designed to face up vertically, in order to broadcast to all directions, it needs very intense loudness from the core area to overcome the air resistance. So it’s too loud to hear when you are close by, and too weak to hear when it’s far away.

ARRIVAL uses its sound panel as a stand, turns the speaker in horizontal way and slightly facing down. The panel hides the core intense part of the sound from direct contact with your ears. And the reflection sound from background can diffuse evenly in your hearing vicinity.


The clear sound matches its pure form !

Both these two models are designed in a way, you can put them anywhere in your rooms and feel it’s harmonious with your settings. It doesn’t look like a technical device at all, just as simple as a modern sculpture. Most of your guests will ask where your music comes from. And then it’s you time to show off a bit with this unique design.

ARRIVAL is designed to fit with most bookshelfs or any other cozy spaces as a coffee corner or even your bathroom…

ARRIVAL PLUS has more powerful and rich sound, it is designed for people who are more demanding in sound quality when listening Jazz, Classical Music, Vocals. Sometimes you feel it’s unbelievable real, a live concert of an unplugged or a cello…





In our former Kickstarter campaigns, we had successfully launched 4 art exhibitions, a total 36 pieces of pattern is out for our Art T-shirt lovers, and in this special edition of launching ARRIVAL speaker, we would like to make a bit more effort to do special edition of ARRIVAL Art T-shirt for thanking our old and new supporters.

We use 100% combed cotton, 32 thread count, 260 g/m² density, T-shirt as our canvas. We only use the highest resolution dye-sublimated technology to print artwork.


"Tsunami Memorial" in Thailand, you can find more about Hou Liang Architecture @

"Grand Canyon “dining table, you can find more about SITONCLOUD project @


Chinese Born Belgian Architect HOU Liang started his own practice since 2005, after his award-winning proposal for worldwide architecture competition for Tsunami Memorial in Thailand. He and his team win numerous important international architecture competitions, including Seoul Performing art center in Korea, Jean Paul II memorial museum in Poland. For more than ten years he is not only being active in Avant-guard architectural design, but also being experimental in multimedia design. His projection mapping on 3-dimensional white furniture tables called "sitoncloud" project has become an iconic design for the new generation, and was exhibited in Museum of Modern Art in Paris in 2012.




The Plexiglas sound panel is made piece by piece from laser cutting machine. In order to guarantee our production quality, our current capacity is limited by 500 pieces per month. Each backer will receive a backer number in sequence. The earlier backers will get their rewards by earlier delivery. So, please choose your favorite one NOW…


How to become Friends of PIBA

PIBA is stand for the origin of our brand: Products invented by Architects. We spend about 5 years to prepare for this moment to launch our first designed speak-er: Arrival. It was a long journey from being an architect to a designer and producer in one. If you like what we do, we are very pleased to invite you to be on the first list of Friends of PIBA.

To be Friends of PIBA, you can get our very special price, almost for free, 90%OFF the regular Kickstarter price: To be Friends of PIBA, only thing you need to do is to share our Facebook promotion post link:


If you share once on any of your friend’s timeline including your own,you can get: One Arrival T-shirt for just 2 euro (shipping cost 6 euro), size at your choice.

If you share more than 5 other friends timeline including other groups, you can get: OneArrival Speaker for just 6 euro (shipping cost 12 euro), color by random.

At the end of our promotion, we will select the top five most influential Friends of PIBA by looking at how many shares they make to spread our news. And we will give him or her a free Arrival T-shirt and a free Arrival Speaker. totally free (even free shipping)!

And at last, ATTENTION please,

you need to know that the excess to pledges of Friends of PIBA only last for the first 3 daysafter launching. And there are only 100 memberships, when it sold out, it’s gone. So, if you feel like to enter our promotion program, you must be quick and select one of the Friends of PIBA pledges first, then you have plenty time to share our post on your Facebook and show what you got later to us by screenshot after our campaign.

So, Action Now! 

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