Around the Disney world in 40 days
Around the Disney world in 40 days

40 days, 12 Disney Parks, 7 cities, 5 countries, 4 Disney events, a water park, a cruise and a grande opening.  Join 1 intrepid Disney addict on this around the world challenge to experience as much Disney as I can squeeze into 40 short park days. 

About Me:

Hi, my name is Lisa and I'm a Disney addict. 

About 8 years ago the first inklings of a plan to circumnavigate the globe in one Disney-filled whirlwind trip formed in my head.  And there it sat, on the backburner while I spent time working in the tourism industry, then enrolled in college to hone my skills in writing, photography and media studies, while blogging my trips abroad.  In that time, my kids have grown and I finally have the time, the skills and enough youth left to tackle this mammoth task.  While I have traveled elsewhere quite a bit, I have only visited the Disneyland and Tokyo parks previously so I would be seeing the other parks with all the wonder of a newbie. 

So what's it all about?

So the idea is to visit all the current Disney parks around the world, a Disney water park, a Disney cruise, and finish in the soft breezes of Disney's Hawaiian resort on my way back home to Australia.  The icing on the global Disney cake will be the footage from the new Shanghai park.  As the opening date is yet to be released, I'll either work it into the current itnerary or detour there on my way home to give you a look at the park in its earliest days, and of course, arrange park specific perks to go along with it.

So what will you get to see?

I would be filming this manic, magical journey in a fly-on-the-wall style documentary with ride-along views of the rides, a close look at the cuisine I discover in the parks all over the world, and the places I chose to rest after long days on the go. If you've always wanted to visit other parks in the world, this documentary will be invaluable in helping you shape your own plans for an adventure. 

Walking all those parks for more than a month will definitely take its toll, so I will also be giving you a sneek peek into the world of pain I call exercise.  Being older presents its own challenges and I want to be in the best possible shape to take on this marathon, so this middle aged Disney addict will be documenting that pre-travel journey to peak condition as well. 

so what's in it for you?

To say a HUGE thank you for your contribution to this challenge, I have some magical perks lined up for you.  As a dedicated fan myself, I know how much little pieces of Disney means to me, so with that in mind, I have decided that all perks will be gathered on my journey around the parks.  I'll be offering authentic park products at different levels, including the new Gelatoni ( friend of Duffy from Tokyo) and limited quantities of Shellie May bears.  Along with all the goodies at my fingertips at the parks, I will offer personal messages sent from within the parks as well as the opportunity for you and your family to be part of the documentary by joining me for a meal in your chosen park.  So many more truly original perks in the works that will be released when we launch.   And it goes without saying, there's a copy of the documentary in it for you as well. 

Stretch Target:

along with the target amount of $20,000, I have prepared a stretch target should we reach the goal before the end of the campaign, which would allow for an assistant to help me do perk gathering and help with the logistics of constant forward travel.  Should we exceed that secondary goal, we would love to pledge some of your generous contributions to a children's charity in equal percentages both here in Australia and in the USA.  I'm a firm believer in paying it forward and sharing the magic.  After that, the balance would go towards my next step of writing/publishing a guide book/travel journal based on this global jaunt. 


I am super excited about sharing this amazing challenge with you all and hope that you can join the journey by contributing to the funding and sharing this Disney dream with your friends far and wide.  Like Walt said," if you can dream it, you can do it" and I believe that with my whole Disney-loving heart. 


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