Aromatic Phennel Fiery Sauce
Aromatic Phennel Fiery Sauce

My name is Sylvester and I'm a  C.A..... (Culinary Artist) and about Four months a go, I started a new company called  "The Sly Perception" 

 A Team company that believes in developing  original sauces.Sauces that are very unique and far from the norm.We take our vision and bring to the surface ,That's The Sly Perception.

However this Hot Spicy Fennel Sauce are one of a kind. Wonderful with  multiple coordinated flavors without one taking over the other. People love it and you will too while enjoying heath benefits also. 

Great Ingredient as I have introduce Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper With Fennel and the two have been friends ever since. The Scorpion Pepper registers a 1.2 million Scoville heat units today. It is very Hot ,But Good in all ways. Another Ingredient that balance off this sauce are the Habanero Peppers ,which gives the sauce its darker color

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