Armchair Abby - Lessons for Living in the Zone
Armchair Abby - Lessons for Living in the Zone

This project has already launched.

Hi.  My name is Jeanette Stead.  I’m from Sherwood Park, Alberta and I’m here to share my story about my pet hedgehog.  Abby is more than just a family member and a pretty face.  In fact she has become a trusted advisor that knows our family to the core. 

Armchair Abby is a book about friendship and learning how to “Live in the Zone” of peace and contentment. And who wouldn’t want that kind of book to add to your library.  I don’t know about you but it seems we are all be bombarded by an abundance of negative messaging.  Fortunately for us in our house, Abby has taught us to tune out the gloom and doom.  She is that eternal voice of optimism and a calm voice of reason. 

The idea for the book Armchair Abby was inspired from my personal experience.  You see has a reassuring way about her and a unique language of sounds and expressions that restores in us that sense of calm.  And that's what got me thinking if she can do that for me why not share her wise advise with others to help them get in their own peaceful zone as well.

So now here’s the part where you come in.  My project is now about 95% complete but to get it to the next level I need financial support from kind and generous people like you. Based on the background I have laid out, I hope you can see the value in this compact book on how to find happiness and contentment. 

My budget to print initial run of 400 full color books is $8,000.    

If you are curious to see what this book is all about I encourage you to support this campaign.  And if you have friends and colleagues that you think might find this book fun and entertaining, please feel free to pass this link on for their consideration. 

The campaign period will run from August 1st to September 8th, 2016.

Armchair Abby is that voice of encouragement in the morning and that warm hug at the end of the day you owe it to yourself to buy this book.

Thanks for listening.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Jeanette and Abby Stead


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