Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! Comes to PC!
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! Comes to PC!

We have launched our project! Check it out!

What's This Project About?

The Arcana Heart series is launching on Kickstarter to fund the PC port and English localization of the latest edition to this unique 2D fighting game.


What's the Arcana Heart Series?

Arcana Heart is a heartfelt!! 2D fighting game featuring the cutest of characters and dynamic fighting mechanics. Originally an arcade games in Japan, many sequels and ports were made to various formats including PS2, PS3, XBOX, PSVITA, and PC. The Steam release of Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX !!!!! was received with positive responses among its fans across the globe. This project aims to port to PC the newest title, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS !!!!!!, which was released as an arcade game in 2014.

Since 2006, the Arcana Heart series had many titles in various formats, but mainly the arcade was where it was at.

2006 Arcana Heart
2007 Arcana Heart FULL!
2008 Arcana Heart 2
2008 Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2
2009 Arcana Heart 3
2013 Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX !!!!! (Official Website)
2014 Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS !!!!!!
*All dates are for the arcade version releases.



  • The entire character roster is made up of cute girls.
  • “Arcana Selection” allows you to change a character’s abilities by using different Arcana.
  • Engage in mid-air battles with the press of a button by using “Homing action”.
  • Engrossing stories to deepen the world of Arcana Heart.


Characters of Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS !!!!!!

There are 24 characters available for selection, all of them female.

These girls are all called “Angels” who can switch their heart with that of a guardian spirit, and thus gain the spirit’s powers.

A lot of the characters come dressed in cute costumes with “Moe” that are sure to make your heart throb.


Heart Aino

One of the protagonists in Arcana Heart 3. Shockingly innocent and overflowing with energy, Heart believes that there is no such thing as a truly bad person. Having grown up watching every superhero TV show in existence, she shares her heroes’ loathing of wickedness and deceit. Heart helps her mother run the family restaurant, Cafe Aino, where she waits tables and oversees the day-to-day operations of the business. She loves making sweets and dreams of the day she is able to make something worthy of putting on the cafe’s menu. She is a cat and dog person, and causes no end of trouble for her family by bringing home every stray she happens across.

For the full list of characters in Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, please visit the Official Website from here.


What's New In Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS !!!!!!


-New characters

Minori Amanohara (天之原みのり)

After the establishment, Drexler Institute developed artificial Valkyries and Arcanas. She was one of the few products of the research who was born at the Japan Branch of the Institute. She is a “Hybride”, a special Valkyrie who can dually wield the powers of the Arcana and the Geist (armored spirits developed at the Institute). She escaped the facility with the help of Petra. “Doing good deeds in secrecy” is her motto, so she uses her ability to defeat evil without being seen. She actually comes from wealthy noble origins. The outgoing, superhero-like behavior outside is a stark contrast to her attitude at her house, under the watch of strict mother.

The dragonhead-like armor on her arms are the Geist of Fafnir and Schwarz. 

She was frustrated by her inability to help Heart and other Saints fight for world peace. With her newly acquired powers, she stands up as the "Annihilation Angel Subaru" (self-proclaimed super hero name) and fights for the peace.

-New Arcana

Ichor, the Arcana of Blood

Arcana of Blood symbolizing the essense of life. The motif of Möbius strip represents the reincarnation of all life. Enhances all the potentials the person has to its maximum strength.

-Improved character balancing



It has been two months since the Kantou Incident—the name given to Angelia Avalon’s failed attempt to punch through the walls between dimensions in the Kantou region of Japan.

During the Incident, the Drexler Institute—an organization with ties to demons—began to stir, re-activating various projects in different parts of the world. The Japanese branch of the Drexler Institute was annihilated by the European Celestial Union, but found new life as the Rosenberg Branch of the European Celestial Union.

Soon after the Kantou Incident, large-scale dimensional rifts began to open all across Japan. This sudden uptick in celestial phenomena was seen as exceptionally odd by many, and some even whispered that it could be the result of secret research by the Drexler Institute. The Japanese branch of the Celestial Union was dispatched to investigate the phenomena, and they called on several angels from the National Academy of Metaphysics.

Several angels from the Rosenberg Branch of the Celestial Union were also dispatched, but they were soon intercepted by the Aesir.

Only six days remain until the destruction of Japan.


What's "Arcana”?

Arcana are beings that live in a parallel world called the Spiritual Plane. Only Angels can see them and form a bond with them to gain their powers.

As long as the spirit plane and the physical plane are in balance the world is safe. Only a handful of people in the Celestial Union are aware that the balance is in danger. Using the power of the Arcana, the angels keep the world safe.

In the last 3 games in the series, the Valkyries, wielding the power of the man-made arcana made by the Drexler Institute have appeared, and the world is in danger once more.





Producer: Koji Takaya


  • Samurai Shodown series
  • Arcana Heart series
  • Daemon Bride
  • Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match
  • Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel


Designer: Hiroyuki Mano


  • Samurai Shodown series
  • Arcana Heart series
  • Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match
  • Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel


About The Localization and Porting

There have been English versions of the Arcana Heart series before, but even after its release 2 years ago, the latest one, “SSS”, is still only available in Japanese arcades.

Just as we were starting to worry that this version would not be seeing a consumer retail version, we started receiving a lot of support from abroad on Twitter and so started looking into the possibility of a retail version.

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS !!!!!! will be ported to PC, and will be accessible to all the fans in global gaming community.

Message to Our Fans

Please give us the opportunity to bring the latest Arcana Heart 3 into PC.

If we can get enough funding together, we are also prepared to consider the development of new characters and and bringing together stories from the earlier titles to make a collected edition follow up.

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