Arafinn - Return to Nangrim
Arafinn - Return to Nangrim

Arafinn - Return to Nangrim

Cold winds are howling through the abandoned caverns of Nangrim. This forsaken place seems to hold nothing good for those daring to pass. Now it’s your mission to survive down in the depths of this ancient dwarven mountain city and find out what happened to the Stonebeards on their last days.

Arafinn – Return to Nangrim is a first-person fantasy graphical adventure which involves exploration, research & crafting, puzzle solving and defense strategies in order to unveil the secrets and tales that wove themselves around the once so glorious nation of the Stonebeards.


Background Story

In the third age after the Great Winter the armies of the south followed the call of the Uturian warlords to rush against the North. In decades of war, the Uturian tribes defeated the armies of men, and darkness has set upon the midlands. Soon, after the fall of the last northern stronghold, the Great Gates of Nangrim, could no longer stand against the everlasting attacks. With the fall of the gates, the Stonebeards soon got overrun by the countless Uturian hordes. What was once a magnificent and admired place, rapidly fell victim to decay.

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