Arafinn - Return to Nangrim
Arafinn - Return to Nangrim

Arafinn - Return to Nangrim

Cold winds are howling through the abandoned caverns of Nangrim. This forsaken place seems to hold nothing good for those daring to pass. Now it’s your mission to survive down in the depths of this ancient dwarven mountain city and find out what happened to the Stonebeards on their last days.

Return to Nangrim is a first-person fantasy graphical adventure which involves exploration, research & crafting, puzzle solving and defense strategies in order to unveil the secrets and tales that wove themselves around the once so glorious nation of the Stonebeards.

Game Concept

Return to Nangrim catapults you deep into the cold dark Nimbor mountains, former home of the long-forgotten nation of the Stonebeards. After waking up from unconsciousness you have no choice but going on a journey of discovery: to unveil your identity and uncover the manifold secrets and stories that surround these hazy caverns.

Although the focus is not on fighting, be prepared to defend yourself against the dangers that are lurking in the shadows. To successfully survive in the countless halls and caverns of Nangrim the protagonist has to rely on the ancient knowledge of the Stonebeards. Concealed in numberless books the Stonebeards’ wisdom is waiting for you to be discovered.



Return to Nangrim is not primarily about fighting but puzzle solving and storytelling. However, there will be dangers that threaten the player's life. In order to survive, he can either choose fighting or bypass the enemy. The following is an incomplete list of enemies the player may encounter:



 Several different types of arachnids inhabit Nangrim, one more dangerous than the other. Two main categories are the Spider Stone Widows, which are fast and agile and Cave Tarantulas which are more ponderous but very lethal.


Stone Widow - Concept Art

Cave Tarantula - Concept Art

Besides arachnids, there are also different kinds of bugs and critters flying and crawling around the place.


These huge and strong creatures have been held captured by the Stonebeards after they’ve threatened to attack Nangrim. One whispers that they’re growling still can be heard from deep down of the dungeons of Nangrim.


 Besides the many hostile creatures living in Nangrim, there are also friendly ones. During his exploration, the player encounters both a fox and a wolf. It is up to the player to decide if he wants to tame one of the two. By doing so, he gains a loyal companion that aids in finding clues, puzzle solving and fighting. The companions armor can also be upgraded through crafting in the forge.

The Ebboria Snow Wolf - Concept Art

The Northern Stone Fox - Concept Art



The initial release will be on PC / Oculus and PlayStation 4 / VR. A further porting for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is also imaginable.

Background Story

In the third age after the Great Winter the armies of the south followed the call of the Uturian warlords to rush against the North. In decades of war, the Uturian tribes defeated the armies of men, and darkness has set upon the midlands. Soon, after the fall of the last northern stronghold, the Great Gates of Nangrim, could no longer stand against the everlasting attacks. With the fall of the gates, the Stonebeards soon got overrun by the countless Uturian hordes. What was once a magnificent and admired place, rapidly fell victim to decay.


The Stonebeards are the oldest and most powerful of the dwarven families. Their ancestry is documented back to the dawn of the Great Winter. The family is firmly established in the province of Ebboria. Nangrim, their huge subterranean capitol, carved into the mountains of Nimbor, serves as their sanctuary and fortress.

Deep in the South, between the sweltering waters of the Fire Sea and the Sea of Rangnor lies Ùtursgard, island, and realm of the different Ùturian clans and tribes. While having quarrel among themselves, the Ùturì's greatest desire is to conquer every land north of the Fire Island and enslave its people. 

The Ùturìan clans are feared all over the lands and the peasants tremble when their name is pronounced, as wherever they wander, they bring pain and destruction. The most infamous and bloodthirsty horde is the clan of the Gorlikù, whose harrowing call to war against the north never fell silent.

The Arafinn Universe

We’ve been working on the world and universe of Arafinn since 2009 with the vision to create a complete and self-containing fantasy universe. Over the years, it has grown and evolved to consist of 25 provinces with 2,600 cities and villages inhabited by more than 600 families, clans, and tribes.


Arafinn contains four main languages: Tirdish, Hilduir, Valdyrish, and Omturu each equipped with its own grammar and alphabet. It even contains the world’s different units of measure, like time, distance, and weight that are completely unique to Arafinn. For users looking to start off as new in the enticing world, there is an interactive Online Map that draws out all of the necessary information as well as interactive audio storybooks telling tales and stories from the lands of Arafinn.



Right before Christmas, we have released our first interactive audio storybook in a planned series which provides fans of the Arafinn universe with background information.


The storybooks can be found here:


Map of Arafinn

The following extract from our interactive online map of Arafinn shows the Region of Ebboria where the Nimbor mountains lie with Nangrim in its center.



The complerte map of Arafinn with more background information can be found here:




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