AquaQube - The Most Efficient Personal Water Purification
AquaQube - The Most Efficient Personal Water Purification

This project has already launched.

70% of the human body is water, so it very much depends on the quality of water we drink. It should not only be free from bacteria and viruses that can cause immediate illness or infection, but also free from substances that after longer use adversely affect body.

We want to empower people at homes and eventually enable them to have naturally pure drinking water as they deserve.

AquaQube efficiently removes hormones, antibiotics and other drugs, as well as pesticides and chemicals. It also removes bacteria and viruses, if somehow get into the water pipes. 

 AquaQube utilizes technologies known in the field of industrial water treatment. We modified those technologies with our innovation so that they are suitable for use at home or in the office and the ratio of the technologies is carefully fine-tuned. As a result, we get advanced oxidation process, which is extremely difficult to achieve. AquaQube technology is currently patent pending.

Why AquaQube?


Technology comparison

Is it nowadays possible to drink water without any hormones and chemicals? Unfortunately, even bottled water contains these substances, and so the only option is to clean the water directly at the point of use - e.g. in the home. We compared the most widely used technologies for you and here are the results:


The device

The electrical device is available in 3 colors. Standard white and black and a limited edition of turquoise.

The design bottle

Design bottle is available in two versions, the basic plastic BPA-free model and the glass model. Both versions are fully compatible with the AquaQube device, but can be used separately. The glass bottle is particularly suitable for water storage at home or on the road. Plastic version again has the advantage of being light, and therefore suitable for daily use and longer travel. Bottles are available in 4 colors:

Price comparison

We all know it is not just about the efficiency of purification but also the costs such systems and devices bring. We want to give you the best price:performance ratio on the market. Not only performance wise but even in the absolute costs for 5 years of use, AquaQube is at the top and after 6 years it will be saving you money even in comparison with Activated Carbon Filtration.


Use of the device is very simple. Fill the prepared bottle or pour water in it and put such filled bottle into the device. Close the protective sliding door and press the button. In 45 seconds naturally pure drinking water is available. You can take the water bottle with you, store it in the refrigerator for later use or use immediately.

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