This project has already launched.

Searching for companies, events and prospects nearby has never been so easy.

The possibilities are endless with AppInAll!
AppInAll features include:
• Messaging, sharing photos and documents.
• Group and Event management, connect with new and old friends, join groups or create your own.
• Search for current events in your area; concerts, parties, seminars, and classes.
• Find local companies, shops, and expects within your set parameter.
• Our local search connects you to data from Google, Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, and Yelp, and more, all in one application.

AppInAll helps businesses grow:
• Easily create groups about your goods and services, connecting to your clients for optimal feedback.
• Find and be found by new customers, communicate, offer specials, and generate sales.
• Utilize the features of social network sites within one application, allowing for optimal communication with employees and clients, leading to maximum efficiency.

Let AppInAll take your business to the next level, with both our desktop and mobile application.

We help small businesses expand client relationships by providing a space for groups to interact with members and allow event coordinators to manage attendees. People around the world use our app to communicate and search for local information in a variety of ways.

Streamlined communication including post & comment features, messaging, live chat, document / picture storage and multi-level groups.

Host physical and/or online events with streamlined communication including post & comment features, messaging, live chat and document / picture storage.

Charge members for group access or event fees with our built-in one time payment or subscription models.

Using AppInAll you can search for local events, groups, services, nearby places, etc.. We provide this data from internal listings as well as from publicly available data sources such as Google, Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, Yelp, and many more. New information and data sources are being added continually.


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