Appendix "Legal assistance"

This project has already launched.

application, which brings together lawyers from all over the world's first!

If Bam suddenly, on some occasion or needed a lawyer, and By know who to turn to for advice, then by all means take a look at your application "Legal Aid", which is able to solve this problem in a jiffy. What you do not believe? Then listen and learn!

This application is nothing but the world's first directory of practitioners from around the world, in which you removed can not just pick up a good expert on the necessary mounting your questions (for the convenience of all lawyers are divided into categories according to the nature of their activity: civil cases, criminal law , labor law, and so on and so forth), but also to ask him a question.

By the way, the use of this software completely free of charge, and for online consultation with Bas nobody will demand money. And finally it remains to add that if By suddenly yourself are a practicing lawyer, and would like to look for a new customer, then register in this application, and the people in Bam pulled (answering questions submitted by Bam, By have a good chance to expand their customer base) . Available version for Android - and a version for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - / app / pravovaa-pomos / id1029061295? l = ru & ls = 1 & mt = 8

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