Apocalypse Rock Short Film
Apocalypse Rock Short Film

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Apocalypse Rock is a tale about the last man alive on earth. Surviving alone in an emergency broadcast radio station, he broadcasts a rock and roll fueled radio show every day in hopes that someone out there might hear him.

Star Wipe Films is a close-knit team of filmmakers who have come together many times over the last 11 years to explore our passion. We love movies and telling stories. We've done over a dozen 48 Hour Film Projects, winning countless awards including "Best of Baltimore" and "Top15" Films at Filmapalooza giving us a chance to screen at the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival.


Our first campaign turned out to be a success for us, because even though we didn't meet our lofty goal of $28,000, we learned a lot about crowdfunding, made a bunch of new friends, and still raised over $9,000! Those funds helped us rent a warehouse, build an interior radio station (circa 1960), rent the gear we needed and allowed us to work with some awesome people, nearly all of whom worked for free. This new campaign will allow us to finish this film the right way.

Not only will contributors receive some sweet perks, but they'll also be helping us to do pick-up shots, finish building our miniature radio station set and more importantly, hire a fantasgreat audio post house called Studio Unknown. They're local, they've worked on some rad projects and they love working with Indie Films.

We also have a stretch goal that will mean we can screen at the prestigious AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland. The more money we raise over our initial goal, the bigger the theater we can screen in!

We will be launching our Finishing Funds campaign on Friday, January 16, 2015 where we hope to raise at least $4,000. If you want to join us on this journey, please check out our IndieGogo Campaign. Find us on our website at apocalypserock.com  @lastmanrocking and facebook.com/ApocalypseRock

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