Aotho: Angels of the Highest Order
Aotho: Angels of the Highest Order

Welcome to Empyrean, a world of fantasy rich with legends and mythology, religion and politics, the desire for peace and the inevitability of war.


Imagine that all of existence - the very Fabric of Reality – is a Grand Tapestry woven together from a single Thread and held together by a single Knot. Enter the Nine Realms Of Empyrean, where an unprecedented era of peace lasting for thousands of years may finally be coming to an abrupt and devastating end.

Follow Michael d’Assyr, the leader of a group of insurgents on a mission to upend the Order Of Masters – an ancient and mysterious sect of self-proclaimed agents of the mythical Angels Of The Highest Order, working from the shadows to maintain an unparalleled epoch of universal harmony throughout Empyrean by ending all wars, extinguishing all international squabbles and the conflicts of empires by means of re-weaving the Fabric of the Grand Tapestry of Reality. 

However, the so-called perfection that the Order Of Masters fights to preserve is not without cost, and as its Lord Master Aegis struggles to acquire a suitable Successor before the end of the Age, the empires of Empyrean begin to question whether the ancient Order’s place in the world is still necessary or even welcome, and tensions rise amongst the world powers as well as from within the Order itself.


As Michael d’Assyr and members of his group of insurgents rush to send Alexandria far out of the reach of the Lord Master Aegis, a traitor is discovered in their ranks and Michael strikes a precarious bargain with a dark entity. Force Captain Aza Riel delivers a dangerous package to Beginner Hall, where a group of new recruits carries a promising Potential. The Lord Master reveals an ancient secret, and a change of allegiance pits brother against brother in a duel to the death.

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