ANYROOM charger: portable multi-charger docking station
ANYROOM charger: portable multi-charger docking station

This project has already launched.

Hello! My name is Marat and today I’d like to present you my new project called ANYROOM charger.

ANYROOM charger is a portable multi-charger docking station able to charge two devices simultaneously, no matter where it is placed.


Everyone has electronic devices that need to be charged from time to time. The idea of AR charger is unbelievably simple: you don’t have to use dozens of wires and docks at home anymore – you can choose one AR charger responsible for charging all necessary devices. Moreover, it’s totally portable and versatile.



With AR charger it doesn’t matter where you are. You simply enjoy your daily routine while your favorite gadget is autonomously charged by AR charger – and that gives you an opportunity to have your device with you whenever you need it. You don’t have to waste money on expensive wires for charging various gadgets. AR charger will definitely take care of that for you.

You can be in a hall reading e-mails, go to the kitchen and look for recipes online, move to the bathroom and listen to relaxing tunes, work at the desk and answer work e-mails, stay in the children’s room to watch cartoons or enjoy a new book in a chaise longue by the swimming pool. The best thing is that now you’ve got a chance to do all of the above while your devices are being charged. 


On this great day I’d like to ask for your help in supporting further development of this project.

AR charger allows you to use Apple Lightning to USB cable and Apple USB Power Adapter, which protects your device from problems occurring due to incompatibility or device safety settings. Apple Lightning to USB Cable is provided with significant protection from wear and physical damage by being put into the case of AR charger. 

Devices are charged thanks to a docking station with an embedded battery.

The docking station with an embedded battery gets energy from a charging platform connected to the electrical network.

Don’t waste your money on dozens of wires. One AR charger is enough for charging various devices you have in different rooms. What’s more, it uses less space and reduces clutter.

Charging two devices simultaneously. Extra USB port for charging an extra third gadget. 

Maximum compatibility. AR charger is compatible with most cases.

Easy access to device while charging. AR charger holds the device upright for you to be able to dial video calls, send text and e-mail, check notifications, etc.

[Here are the details on the developed prototype; note: the final version will have different dimensions and an enhanced battery capacity]


92.00mm x 87.00mm x 43.6mm

(with charge spot 92.00mm x 96.00mm x 47.0mm)




Glossy ABS plastic


USB1 for original Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

USB2 for any to USB cable.

Electronic Specs:

2400 mAh battery

Output: 5 V DC (USB1: 1 A / USB2: 2 A)

Short circuit, over current, over charge, over discharge and over temperature protection


Any Apple devices with Lightning connector

Any devices connected via USB

•Apple USB Power Adapter not included

•Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1 m) not included


The project you are presented right now is not a complete device, it’s only an idea. The idea I hope to make real using your support. I have never dealt with production before. That’s why I found specialists – those good at industrial design, production, logistics and developing electronic constituents - in order to finish the project in time and to show the best possible quality of the final product. This will guarantee perfect timing for both production and shipping the ready goods.

However, certain unexpected problems may occur during production. In this case, the specialists’ experience and professional skills will help us cope with the inconveniences and provide you with the best results in time.

If we face any unforeseen situations, you’ll be the first to know about it and about our efforts in solving the issues. Being our investor, you will be provided with inside information on the details of AR charger production. 

If you like my idea, please contribute to the development of the project called ANYROOM charger! I will be very grateful for any assistance (investment, like, repost). Now you are part of this wonderful project as well!


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