Antidote - A Game of Deduction, Deception and Mortality
Antidote - A Game of Deduction, Deception and Mortality

Something went terribly wrong at the lab! Now, a deadly toxin has infected your entire team and the room has been locked-down to keep the toxin from getting out. Can you deduce the Antidote before you succumb to the poison? 

We're excited to introduce you to Antidote: the deduction-based card game where your life is on the line! For a quick-start video and rules, scroll down this page.

In Antidote, you are a laboratory scientist working for a giant chemical research conglomerate. When a deadly toxin suddenly infects you and everyone in your lab you must work quickly to share your research and discover the Antidote before its too late. 

In the game, players take turns deciding what action all other players take: either discard from their hand or trade research with other players. Eventually all your cards will run-out and you will be left with just one that you must "drink" and hope its the Antidote. If this card is the true Antidote, you're cured and live to play again! If die, but you can always try again! 

Antidote has 6 core mechanics that make it unique, fun, and compelling:  

1. Deduction: Players "live" or "die" by deducing the one card type that has been removed from the game (similar to Clue). 

2. Semi-Cooperative Gameplay: You live or die alone, but it may be impossible to deduce the Antidote without working with the other players. 

3. Simultaneous action selection: Every turn involves every player. Whether it is making trades for valuable information or simultaneously declassifying your research, all players are constantly engaged. This makes the game experience more fulfilling and eliminates long-periods of "down-time" between turns.

4. Player-controlled game length: Players have sole control over the pace of the game. If you think you know the answer you can speed the game towards its conclusion. If not...well, don't hold your breath! No one is going to wait for you to figure it out! This element adds a feeling of tension and excitement.

5. Multiple levels of player interaction: Even a "wink" or a "nod" can have meaning in this game if you are trying to learn or pass information between players. At the same time, a blatant statement such as "Blue formulas are toxic" may have no meaning at all, but everyone will judge you by your actions (everyone can see the cards you choose to discard). 

6. Surprise ending: It is unlikely that anyone can know with 100% certainty what the Antidote is by the end of the game. This means the revealing of the Antidote is often met with shouts of joy, groans of agony or other entertaining expressions of fun and players have been known to literally jump out of their seats when they find out the truth!   

Jason Tagmire (designer of Pixel Lincoln): "Antidote is a quick, 10-minute deduction game that feels like a mini, competitive Pandemic. With fast set-up and maximum replay-ability, my group constantly insisted on going back for another shot. It scratched the deduction itch for us in a quick and different way. I'm looking forward to more plays!"

Brian Worrel (Play Games Ames): "Skillful deduction, keen memory and joined perception skills are essential to surviving this lethal scenario. The games felt tense. The final reveal was always followed by 'Yes!' or 'No way!' or 'Wow, how did I miss that?'"

Tox, ( The science geek is me is highly intrigued by this game, and the gamer in me loves the style. Bring on the Antidote!"

K.B. Hoyle (author): "Antidote, definitely the most fun I've ever had trying to defend myself against a deadly outbreak! Help your friends stay alive, or let them die. It's up to you!"

Paul Meuth (gamer): "My friends and I found this game easy to pickup. Within minutes we were devising ways to deceive each other. The longer we played, the louder the laughter became."

Jonathan Schindler, FarmerLenny from "Antidote hits several sweet spots for a deduction game. It has minimal components, simple rules, and a clever concept. Beyond this, it's also very (sometimes uproariously) fun."

Yi-ling Hu (casual gamer): "Antidote is a really fun game! It's fun because you have to remember other player's action, and try to mislead them with your action. I enjoyed this game a lot and I can't wait to play with my friends."

Please watch the game play video below or read rules to the print and play edition here (Page 1Page 2). Note: The rules and game play video use artwork from the demo version of Antidote and do not include final artwork.

Antidote is a joint project between Bellwether Games LLC and Lumne. Bellwether Games LLC was founded in 2011 by Dennis Hoyle and specializes in tabletop game development and game design analysis. Dennis Hoyle is the designer of the game Drop Site, winner of the 2010 Premio Archimede Carta Mundi Special Prize for best card game. 

Lumne was founded in 2012 by Jonathan Clark specializing in web design, creative development, graphic design and game artwork. Lumne is responsible for Antidote graphics, finishing work and assists with marketing this project.

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