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Time is running out — the memory remains


Our film is about the life of 6-year-old, Anna during World War II.
Amid the mass, coordinated execution of Jewish people, her parents were killed. Anna miraculously survives because her mother covered the little girl’s body with her own. Anna spent a few years living in a disused fireplace in the Commandant’s office, from her shelter she watched as life passed by until the village was liberated from the Nazis. Anna wanted to go to school but instead learned how to find food. In the fireplace she tries to create the home she had lost. In these inhuman conditions, Anna doesn’t just survive but somehow holds on to her humanity. Many factors helped her; memories from her past life, swept away by war, the cultural foundations laid by her parents and one friend who saved her from loneliness.

This little girl’s story, from World War II is still relevant today. Every day the endless stream of war and conflict is ripping many children’s lives apart – their homes burn and their parents die. In the midst of fear and destruction, children are being forced to fight their own battles for survival. The child who must face the violence of war represents one of the greatest tragedies facing today’s world – a subject that must be remembered and discussed.

We kindly ask for your help and support to complete this project and take the film through postproduction!

The film tells of the atrocities of the Holocaust through the experiences of one little girl. It is a warning and a tribute to the memory of events that must not be forgotten and never repeated.

The tragedy of the Holocaust that divided Western civilization’s history into “before” and “after” remains one of the most relevant themes today. Learning terrible lessons of the past is no guarantee, but it does grant a possibility for people to avoid atrocities in the modern world where movements such as neo-Nazism and extremism can again become prevalent.

The “Anna’s War” feature film by Aleksey Fedorchenko is now in the final stage of production. We are currently planning an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to finish the project and cover the postproduction costs for “Anna’s War”. We believe that this is the most appropriate fundraising method; considering our project’s nonprofit nature and its humanitarian mission.We hope that this campaign enables us to finish the film the best possible way and lets us fully realize its humanitarian and charity potential. In case of the film’s success,the box office will go to the charities helping children in need.  

For us, crowdfunding is not just an opportunity to raise the funds needed to allow "Anna’s War" to see the light of day; it’s also a way to inform future viewers. We are convinced that this film needs to be shown to a wide audience now, as a reminder of recent historical events and of one of the most grave and severe issues that humanity faces today.

We will be extremely grateful for your future support for our “Anna’s War” crowdfunding campaign! Any mention of our project in the media or in your newsletter would be most helpful in supporting us.

The lead role is played by 6-year old actress, Marta Kozlova. Despite her young age she carries the emotion of the entire narration


Director - Aleksey Fedorchenko

Director of photography - Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev

Film editors - Herve Schneid, Pavel Khanyutin

Sound engineer - Vincent Arnardi

Producers - Andrey Saveliev, Artem Vasiliev, Dmitriy Vorobyev, Aleksey Fedorchenko

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