Animate-Build-Code with LEGO (R) and Scratch Guide For The Busy Teacher
Animate-Build-Code with LEGO (R) and Scratch Guide For The Busy Teacher

ANIMATE-BUILD-CODE for Guide for Busy Teachers! Complete with Lesson and Programs. 

 The published book, "Animate-Build-Code for the busy teacher" will provide Lessons to get Girls Excited about Technology! Home School- After School, and In School Field Trip STEM Enrichment.  Teachers can use cross curricular with their subject and technology. Complete with animations and codes. Compatible with LEGO WEDO® activity kits. Builds upon spatial reasoning skills and graphic design. There will be 15 -18 lessons. Teachers, these lessons are easy and adaptable. All the work is done for you, and followup support will be provided. 


  • Two Getting Started lessons in Scratch(R)  to get yourself and students familiar with basic functions of the Scratch software program
  • Guided Lesson Plans -15 lessons using LEGO (R) Wedo Models
  • Student handout that has a flowsheet to walk them through the steps to animate, build, and code
  • Guidance for setting up classroom activities
  • Timeline suggested for age groups skill building levels
  • STEM Vocabulary
  • Rubic
  • Standards of Learning-NGSS-ISTE-ITEEA
  • Tips Tricks
  • Resources needed (have Lego (R) Wedo around school? try using it by learning animation and code with Scratch (R) extend your grant funding with Scratch free resource.
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