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After a low attention turn out for Animal Fighters on Kickstarter a few months ago. The team at Animal Fighters have pulled together to discuss new features/ways that will be shown here and on Indiegogo. With new planing and audience building we hope that everyone will love the Indiegogo campaign that will be live soon...


A fighting game of skill..

  • No more spamming abilities or punches against opponents like in other boxing games. Jump into the ring as your favorite animal and wisely choose your punches and kicks while maintaining balance of your stamina. Customize the way you want to fight with the Animal Fighters talent point system (think League of Legends with a twist). Show off your boxing skills against enemy AI and against real players in the online rank system! In animal fighters you will: 


Fight Wisely

In Animal Fighters stamina is crucial in winning fights. Use too much of it and suffer the consequences. Use too little of it and maybe you'll win, but if you keep it at a balance you might be fine.

What does stamina do? Stamina lets a fighter throw many combinations of punches and is also use for blocking/weaving against an opponent’s attack.

How is stamina earned? Stamina regenerates on its own at a normal pace. The goal with stamina is to not let players spam punches and power abilities against other opponents like in other games.

Note: The photo below is of the directional controls that will be on the left side of the screen. Also, the blue/yellow circles is where your stamina fills up.

Key Changes Since Kickstarter: The team at Animal Fighters have decided to redesigned the game as a fighting game and not a 100% boxing game. So every character in Animal Fighters will be able to box and be able to kick. The key thing to this is some fighters will have combinations that will be chained with kicks and chained with both hands (think Street Fighter). Lastly, each Animal Fighter will have there own unique super ability!

Rank up online within the following tiers: BronzeSilverGoldDynamite,Elite (names are subject to change). Climb your way through the ranks to be the best Animal Fighter of them all. Face off against opponents of different rank tiers and strive to be the best. While climbing tiers unlock special stats from progressing into each new tier and more! Do you have what it takes to be in the ELITE tier?




The photo above reflects just a small portion of the bosses in Animal Fighters.

Unlock powerful gloves that will have bonus stats. Unlock gloves with credit points that you’ll earn upon winning matches and losing matches. Keep note that you’ll gain much more credit points when winning. 


Customize the way you want to fight in 1 of 3  talent systems. (think League of Legends or World of Warcraft). Choose the fighting stats/perks you wish to have.


Animal Fighter brings you many unique fighting modes such as: Rank mode, Hard mode, Survival mode, training mode and much more. Upon completion of each mode you will be highly rewarded.





Well I hope you guys liked Animal Fighters and feel free to spread the word. You can follow Animal Fighters @IG and FB:Animal Fighters.


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