Ani & Fabi D.I.Y. Baking Kits: the gift to give this holiday
Ani & Fabi D.I.Y. Baking Kits: the gift to give this holiday

This project has already launched.

Ani & Fabi delivers gourmet baking kits, with easy-to-follow recipes, and high-quality pre-measured ingredients to your doorstep!


To our lovely dessert connoisseurs, 


We designed this company to make baking more accessible for all ages. 

Spending time with Dominik’s younger sisters, we realized that often they wanted to bake, but without the help of an adult, it was a hard task to accomplish for them.  


 We came up with the idea of developing packages designed to make the process simpler, while at the same time making the process more fun. Make baking truly for all ages, and through it, create an opportunity for bonding among those who bake together.  


 As children we all want to be able to do everything and not be told that we are too young, and this is our way to empower those who are young and determined. We may just be starting out on our mission, but we are set on accomplishing it, and with it bringing a smile to everyone who comes in contact with our company.  


 We look forward to sending you many packages, all of which make your day a little bit better, and your life a whole lot sweeter.  

With love, 

Hanlu and Dominik 

Risks and challenges

Right now we are still small in operations. Considering that we would experience a sudden (quicker than expected) growth beyond what we can handle at the current moment, we could potentially experience delays in deliveries. This also applies to our supplies, as our sudden increased demand could cause delays from them. However, we are prepared with a strategy on how we would take on this obstacle, and we are confident that we can adapt and get deliveries out with limited, if any, delay.

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