Android Hunter A - Next Generation Platformer Shooter!
Android Hunter A - Next Generation Platformer Shooter!

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Android Hunter A is a next generation sidescroller shooter taking classic action platforming to the next level. Cinematic tension, Virtual Reality support, a vibrant diversity of stage environments and a unique ranking system are just a few of the many awesome features Android Hunter A has to offer.


We follow the journey of an android called A in this new world of robotic advancement. Tensions begin to rise between humans and androids as an insurgence led by the Android Force takes place to overthrow human leadership. It's up to you and the United Rebellion to stop the androids at all cost and restore peace.  

At first glance, you’ll quickly realize that Android Hunter A plays identically to similar games of the genre (hint hint), you can run, jump, dash and shoot, and so the question really is, what’s new?   

Android Hunter A has another ability that strengthens his arsenal of basic mechanics. He has the ability to become ‘Empowered’. While in the Empowered state, A gains accelerated movement and can shoot faster more powerful blasts. You can trigger the Empowered state at any point throughout the game so there are many strategic opportunities to be explored. 

We've been working to develop Android Hunter A for a couple years now (when able), and its been a lucrative learning experience throughout. We've achieved a lot during this period with an early prototype, and we're ready to take the game to the next level. To do that, we need your help. 

We created the game initially with quick prototyping features available to us with the Unreal Engine 4, but to obtain that pixel perfect accuracy, and to rectify all of the drawbacks (bugs) with this system, we need to overhaul and rebuild our framework from the ground up. Doing this will help streamline the game's development and allow us to fully embellish it with all of the features we've got planned. 

Every aspect of this game's development, from the audio, the visuals, the art and design has been taken into extensive consideration. When we say we want to revitalize the genre, we don't mean just the gameplay, we mean everything. 


Classic Platforming: Tackle a classic roster of 8 core stage environments (14 total stages), blasting tons of enemies, acquiring new techniques and exploring a diverse set of interesting biomes. Each stage holds its own secrets and is designed for replayability. 

Ability Upgrades: We really like the idea of being able to unlock abilities that strengthen Android Hunter A's core set of skills. Things like increased movement speed, stronger charge blasts, etc. We decided that the best way to implement this feature would be to have the ability unlocks correlate to the stage ranks you earn (rather than purchasing them). A double reward for how well you play! 

Learn New Techniques: This one's a classic staple. After taking down each member of the Android Force, Android Hunter A learns a new technique. Some of these techniques can be used to overcome stage hazards more quickly, and even pave the way to some hidden places that couldn't be reached before. 

Unique Ranking System: After completing a stage in the game, you'll earn a rank based off of your performance. Many factors will contribute to the rank that you earn, but the two most significant ones are how much damage was taken and how quickly the stage was completed. You'll have the opportunity to replay each stage over and over again to obtain better ranks (highest is kept), with each rank also determining which ability upgrades you'll have access to. 

Armor Upgrades: Android Hunter A can also upgrade his armor to unlock whole new sets of skills. Each armor variant can be built using Base Metal that you'll have to find and collect throughout every stage of the game! Some armor variants are stronger than others, with each focusing on a particular ability trait. 

Virtual Reality Support: One of the biggest innovations in today's era of gaming is the birth of virtual reality. We really wanted to find a way to incorporate support for this new technology for those who want to take the action platforming experience to a whole new level (this won't hinder those without VR supported devices). There are a few chase sequences in the game where Android Hunter A will have to hunt down some baddies on his red hot motorcycle. For those with VR headsets, you'll be able to switch from a third person view to a first person VR view! 

Customization Options: Unlock items in the game that you can use to customize the look of Android Hunter A! 

You can also customize the appearance of your trusty dispatcher, Amber!


Audio Revitalized: We're all fans of awesome music in games that flesh out the mood and emotion of the world. For us, each track is carefully constructed in a way that establishes a stronger connection with what's happening on screen. We're into lots of popular music genres, so expect a ton of audio variety in the game! 

Cinematic Storytelling: Believe it or not, there is a story that unravels while you're blasting enemies away. We don't plan to make the cinematic sequences overbearing to the player to the point where it seizes to be a reward and compliment to the gameplay, and instead becomes an impediment. There is a story that we want to tell - "What is this world?", "Who is this red headed android?" and "What's my purpose here?". These are all questions we answer in the game. 

We are an international team of indie developers comprised of seasoned artists, programmers, composers and designers. We've worked on a number of projects across the board, with Android Hunter A being our most ambitious project to date. We're extremely passionate about Android Hunter A and have many fresh ideas to bring to the table! 

It goes without saying that if we're able to meet our initial Kickstarter goal, we'll be able to produce and deliver the full Android Hunter A experience. We've self-funded the project up until this point, and invested all of our spare time into making the game. With your support, we can complete this project and deliver one kick-ass platformer shooter.  

If we exceed our minimum goal to complete the game, we have a few attracting stretch goals that would make the release that much sweeter.

Thank you so much for your support!

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