Andrea G, the RD-to-Be: Dietetic Internship fund
Andrea G, the RD-to-Be: Dietetic Internship fund

Time for a change! Or a new start? Or a return to an old start? Wait...what?

I'm leaving my federal job to start a dietetic internship- a journey that I began originally in 1998, when I started as a freshman dietetic student at the University of Maryland at College Park. Instead of completing a dietetic internship after getting my degree, I joined the Peace Corps and began a career in public health and health research. 13 years later, I'm ready to get back to my roots: using nutrition to help people get and stay healthy!

The internship is usually a 10-month, unpaid serious of rotations (similar to a residency program for MDs) that lead up to taking the Registration Exam for Dietitians. Not only is this adventure unpaid, but there is often a fee associated with the internship that (in the case of my preferred sites,which happen to be on the lower end) range from $5500- $10000! So I'll be leaving my full-time job with benefits to work full-time for free AND pay for the privilege of doing so!

I could use some help! I'll be putting together a campaign to help raise some of the funds necessary to get me to RD! Supporters at certain levels may receive:

  • a shout-out on my blog and social media accounts
  • an e-book of my tips for living healthy
  • a video of my experiences as a dietetic intern
  • nutrition counseling once I become and RD

Are you interested???

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