And So Much More
And So Much More

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About this project

"She's so cute!" "What a cute baby!" "Aren't you adorable?" These were all well-intentioned things I heard about my kids as I ushered them through their early years. 

My inner-voice always responded "Yes, they're cute---and so much more". 

It has always been important to me that my kids could speak kindly about themselves and that they knew that, sure...they were cute, but their bodies were tools they could use to express creativity, generosity, joy and wonder. I struggled to find books that would reflect these ideas--books that were engaging and entertaining with beautiful artwork. So I began writing my own.

The Book:

"And So Much More", a picture book for readers 2-6, encourages self-appreciation as children see that they are more than just what's on the outside. From head to toe, heart and soul, this simple book helps kids articulate that they aren't "just cute", but also imaginative, powerful, loving beings. 

Set against an urban backdrop with vibrant street art as its theme, "And So Much More" celebrates the true melting pot of cultures, families, generations, and body-types. I'm really excited to give readers a chance to see their own unique families included in the pages of our book and to celebrate the beauty of diversity.  


Paul Cohen ( will take you on a journey through the city, showing us vibrant scenarios of kids expressing playfulness, joy and kindness.   

Curious about the manuscript? 

CLICK HERE to download a copy! Read it to your kids, preschoolers, grandkids and see how much they enjoy this book that helps them connect their outsides with their insides. 

Where will it be printed?

"And So Much More" will be printed by an employee-owned, American company that services powerhouse publishers in the industry. The book will be printed on FSC materials using soy-based ink and low-impact coatings. 

Have you published any other books?

In 2013, we published our first title "Firenze's Light" using Kickstarter. Over 200 people backed our project and we delivered our beautiful, hardcover books and rewards on time. Parents, educators and organizations have praised "Firenze's Light" for giving readers positive tools with which to build their self-worth and for its inspiring message.

Thank you for supporting our project. If you have any questions about Shine Your Light Books, our Kickstarter or are interested in collaboration or promoting our crowdfunding, please inquire at


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