Ancient technique jewellery
Ancient technique jewellery

This project has already launched.

About this project

I have recently created a Studio/Atelier where I can be creative (as I always wanted). So far I have launched my first collection of fine silver jewellery with a nature touch. I called it FOREST. Since I have started the company all by myself and literally created it from a scratch, I was still looking for my personality and what direction I want to go. That's why I did my research and found out that ALMOST EVERY jewellery designer or a company (big and small) are focused on one thing - mass production. Pieces just look alike, smooth with "right" lines and shapes. Boring.

I don't want to do this. That's why I got an idea. I want to do something different. Something "wrong" and not "popular", something not for everyone. Since I am a self taught jeweller, I started looking for a technique which is different. That's how I have found this ancient technique using cuttlefish bone casting. EVERY TIME THE PIECE YOU MAKE IS DIFFERENT. It's just not replicable. That's exactly what I wanted. Plus by doing this I am giving this fish a new life, it will help to create a timeless piece of art. It's like the nature is actually using me to create something beautiful, something unique. I am just a tool in this.

I have already found the cuttlefish bone, have already learnt the process. But the problem is I don't have enough funding to go further. I saw some pieces people had made using this technique and this is just beautiful. To make it extra special, I want to use raw diamonds which will highlight the organic and unique side of the piece. The special idea about this is that the place of the stones will be different every time, since the metal flow ( I will work only with precious metals like silver and gold and a mix of both in one piece) is going to dictate it.

Risks and challenges

Since I have started from a scratch, it is hard to reach out to people. Make them believe in me, my product and my idea. I find this as a main challenge, but I am sure once those who respect nature, have their own unique personality, think outside of the box see what I have to offer, my audience will be found and I can create even more and crazy "wrong" jewellery.

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