Anchor of your style - ONLY MEN bracelet
Anchor of your style - ONLY MEN bracelet

Men don`t have such great choice in accessory as women. So I decided to make bracelet which man will definitely want.

My Passion

       As you know from my previous successful project, I have passion to leatherwork. But this time I wanted to experiment with materials and I decided to combine perfect vegetable tanned leather with solid brass anchor. As finish we make plating with precious metals as gold and silver to make them shine bright!


ANCHOR BRACELET- is perfect men accessory, which will fit any style.

As guys don`t have great choice in accessory, we spent a lot of time to make anchor look perfect. To make your style luxury we can add silver or gold platting, to make it shine. As a finish you can choose different colors of leather or cord strap for perfect fitting your style.



  • Designed anchor
  • Finishing of anchor: solid brass, silver plated, gold plated,rose gold plated
  • Strap color: leather (black, brown, beige), rope (blue, green, red)
  • Handmade grinding and polishing
  • Adjustable length (fits any size of hand)
  • Dimension of anchor: length 34mm, width 25mm, weight 5,5 gram.
Adjustable length (fits any size of wrist)
Adjustable length (fits any size of wrist)


Prototypes and design

We have spent more than 3 weeks developing design. We want anchor to look like jewellery masterpiece. It was made by talented jewellery designer, who have 10 years experience.

3D anchor model
3D anchor model
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