ANANKE: The Prologue
ANANKE: The Prologue

Platform: Kickstarter | Goal Amount: $20,000 | Campaign: Ends 11/7/16

Created and Written by Natalie Raffaele

Illustrated by Aaron Parks

Man has finally done it. We have created Artificial Intelligence, an independent being that can think and emote entirely on its own. That can learn and create. That possesses, for the first time, a personal magnetism, just like a human being.

And they are called ConneXions…

Created by Latimer Industries on Earth, the ConneXion Series is the most advanced and innovative robotic line to date because of one feature: crystal technology. ConneXions are made from a mixture of metals, synthetics, and most importantly, carefully chosen and crafted crystals to fit the functions and personality of each A.I.

But despite this staggering achievement, Latimer Industries is not satisfied. They push the limits of what is possible. They need more from their creation. A ConneXion cannot merely exist. It must have a function.

They assign five ConneXions to exclusively lead the Latimer funded space expedition to ANANKE, the dwarf planet hidden near the Asteroid Belt. The mission will determine if habitability is possible for human life.

CONCEPT ART: Spacecraft Design by Nick Machado; Repurposing and Additional Design by Aaron Parks

We are introduced to our ConneXion crew in the middle of an unexpected but urgent deep-sea expedition on ANANKE. It is on this quest that our story truly begins and a discovery is made that will change A.I. and humans forever. Once found, there’s no turning back, and our ConneXions are thrust into a situation they cannot escape!

ANANKE: The Prologue is the birthplace of ANANKE’s epic three part volume graphic novel series. It is the catalyst for our characters’ motivations in the remaining three volumes to solving what may be the greatest mystery of mankind (and beyond…). 

While this is only a brief explanation to ANANKE’s complexity as a visual narrative, I hope it has piqued your curiosity! My team has put their collective heart and soul into this anthology. We want this to be a one-of-a-kind reading experience that not only entertains and excites, but also teaches.

This science fiction is designed to provoke questions.

It was created to introduce the readers to specific scientific disciplines that are integral to ANANKE’s world, like electromagnetism, cymatics, and piezoelectric crystal technology (to name a few).

It helps understand the significance of our ancient human past with a different magnifying lens. I want to deeply examine the current anthropological model of our ancient cultures. There are still so many unanswered questions about our ancient predecessors, ancient artifacts, and ancient structures. I’d like to open these mysteries up for discussion!

Creating a graphic novel for digital and print distribution is no walk in the park. It’s more of a cross-country marathon! Unlike a comic periodical, which is generally 30 pages, a graphic novel can be over 80 pages! Between the writing, editing, storyboard paneling, penciling, inking, coloring, lettering, printing, and distribution, the labor involved is quite extensive and costly. In order to get the absolute best work possible, having the necessary funds is a must.

Our Kickstarter Budget for $20,000 will fund the completion of ANANKE: The Prologue (minus the coloring). This is roughly 80-100 pages of detailed drawings and texts that will include penciling, inking, and lettering. It will also cover fees, book and shipment costs, and Kickstarter prizes.

We then have our 1st Stretch Goal of $25,000. This will cover coloring ANANKE: The Prologue. Coloring the pages require more funds because of the work involved, but it is a well worth endeavor!

Our 2nd Stretch Goal is any amount over $25,000. It will go towards the FUTURE of the ANANKE Series, Volumes I, II, & III. My creative team is dedicated to seeing this anthology to the end, and your enthusiasm and support will take us there!  But the Prologue is the beginning of this journey. None of it can happen without your continued support!

CONCEPT ART: Spacesuit Design 

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