An Awful Lot Of Ocelots
An Awful Lot Of Ocelots

An Awful Lot of Ocelots

Written by James Barry Marfleet

Illustrated by Meagan O'Gara

This Project is a childrens Picture Book, designed specifically for the advanced elementary school reader and their parents to enjoy. We believe reading should always enrich and advance the thinking, vocabulary, and the reading level of all. We do believe this applies especially to those particularly young, but intellectually advanced people that are looking for something more challenging. Of course, everyone can enjoy it!! It's no Dostoyevsky or Shakespeare!

This book therefore, while designed as an elementary level picture book, includes terms and phrasing for a much more advanced and sophisticated audience. Not only will children be challenged and excited to learn more due to the engaging story, but parents will enjoy reading the story more. It will provide interaction with their children to explain terms, meanings and uses, but also to help them love words and using words creatively themselves when they see the power of more colorful language and expressions. We hope this will be only the start of a series of books for this purpose, and we are thrilled to offer something unique to the early reading audience. We encourage all who love words, reading, and poetry, to support this effort to enrich our children and inspire to reading and creative writing!

This is my first project of this kind, and first book to publish. I have written prose and poetry for years, but have been inspired to bring my stories and writing to others, in this case children. 

I met the artist Meagan O'Gara through a mutual artist friend, and am excited to work with her as well, since this is also her first project of this magnitude. However although new, we are dedicated to using the new opportunities afforded by modern publishing techniques, to create a beautiful and stimulating work to stand the test of time.

We will be working to provide desireable bonuses and bundles of art and merchandise to backers who generously support this work, and we would love as much feedback as possible for this prefundia campaign to give us fuel to really make a stellar Kickstarter production!

We are also hoping to incorporate a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to donate a percentage of the proceeds to them since we are also interested in conservation and the protection of our beautiful planet and all that lives here. The more support we get, the more likely they will work with us to make this a real force for good.

Be a part of  exciting and engaging reading material for children.

James Barry Marfleet


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