American Messiah
American Messiah

American Messiah is a clay sculpture that I'd like to turn into bronze

Hi, I’m Jeremy Pelletier, creator of this original statue entitled American Messiah.  This piece is controversial to say the least, but the most exciting thing about the project, in my opinion, is the diverse range of reactions, in thought and emotion, that this piece provokes in those who look at it.

This project is about what it makes you think and feel.  It’s not about who the artist is, or what the intent was, but what this sculpture invokes in you, the person who looks at it and feels something.  The people in this video had no idea what they were about to see, they didn’t know who made it or why.The art is their honest reaction to it.

It is my intent to raise enough money to produce this piece in bronze, a set of molds for making copies, and have a cast to show in exhibits. If I’m lucky enough to surpass my goal, I’ll use the money to build an entire show around this theme, which I’ll take on the road and show around the country if possible.I hope you’ll have a chance to see it in person, and maybe even be in a future video!

Please lend your support in the form of donations to help me reach my goal. Any amount will help!

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